How I have created a community full of local superheroes

I  founded and run a local group in my area called Youth Changing The World.  We do a wide variety of things for families and individuals in need.  We do anything from providing holiday dinners to sending cards to kids.  We also send cards to adults with cancer, and everything else in between.  I started this group with two friends from high school in 2009. When we first started, we were looking for people to help, and now people come to us for it.  My two friends still help and are still involved for almost 9 years.  They not only are superheroes in their own right but over the years, our community has really stepped up and became the superheroes we all needed them to be.  By doing that, so many causes the group cares about get the attention they need and deserve.

I bet some of you are thinking, Larissa how can a Plain Jane be a superhero – they aren’t real.  What are their superpowers? 

First, they care.

That is very important because when they care about the cause that we are highlighting because they get other people to care.  They get behind the cause.

The other superpower is their voice and is such a power.

It’s not just verbal, but with social media, it is so easy to spread the news by sharing posts.  It’s amazing what people can do with just their voice and make a bigger impact than they realize.

These superpowers that my community has shown me over the years is one amazing thing that I am forever going to be grateful for.   Having a community that is full of superheroes has shown me that there are amazing people in the world despite what others say.  There are still good people in the world.  They’re always has been and will be in some degree.  We just have to give it time. We need to have patience, and they will come.

What I love about my community of superheroes is they’re willing and want to give back.

For example, let’s say my group does a food drive for a single mom and her two kids.  After we help them, soon after, they ask what they can donate to that project we are doing at the time.  They’re paying it forward.  It’s a beautiful thing to see over and over again.  I think community means different things for different people.  That is perfect for people to me, because my community means everything to me.  Without all of them, I do not have a group.  I could not have done what I have for this long.

It’s because of my community of superheroes, that I am able to learn and grow as a person.  I can see all of the good in this world, despite the negative things going on.  So this piece is dedicated to my amazing community of superheroes.  To every person or business that has helped us along the way,  I appreciate you and everything you have done for myself and my group. For as long as my group is around I know my community of superheroes will have my back.  I will have theirs and always hold a special place in my heart for my community of superheroes.

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