Life Is Full Of Endless Possibilities For You To Go After

Are you a glass half-empty person? Do you struggle to look on the bright side of life? What’s stopping you from living the life you dream about?

The answer is simple, YOU!

When you need to do something for yourself, YOU are the only one who knows what you need in your life. It sounds simple, but it can be incredibly difficult to identify what it is you need, and then find it for yourself.

We are the authors of our lives and the content that is written in our life book is determined by our actions, our lives are a collection of unwritten stories.

Life is full of possibilities. But often, our struggles make it hard for us to see the prize ahead. Due to circumstances we usually can’t control, we give up on our dreams or simply ride along the waves. We think that just because we missed the train we can’t get to where we want to be.

We limit ourselves so much and the worst part of it all is that we are not conscious of it. You tell yourself that you tried in the past and, no matter what you have done, it just didn’t work. When I started bodybuilding if I would have quit, I would have never discovered my true potential, I would have never known all the things my body was capable of and how strong I really am.

When I started writing my thoughts were scattered all over the place and didn’t know how to express myself with the right words, my first submissions would get rejected time and time again, but that didn’t stop me, I kept on writing and got better. I am still a work in progress and always finding ways to strengthen my body and mind. Now, that I have seen what I can do, I want to do more, be more and I am chasing all the possibilities that are in front of me.

In the world we live in, it’s so easy to get dragged down by all the negativity and darkness hanging over us like an ominous cloud. But it’s important to look at the situation with deeper scrutiny. Even in the midst of all the stress, worry, and negativity, people all around us are pulling themselves up, opening their minds to new ideas and possibilities, taking advantage of the opportunities that are out there, and doing amazing things.

Each of us has a personal situation, however, whining about it, will never change anything. If you focus on the negative and get in the comfort zone and — before you know it – you will see that years have passed and you’re still struggling with the same challenges, still disappointed with your results, you’ll still be unhappy and ruminating on what you should have done differently.

Be open to all the possibilities life has to offer.

Why not wake up every morning and try to be better than yesterday? Why not open your eyes to the endless possibilities that exist when you make a commitment to live the life you dream of living? Why not choose to be great? Why not start today? Ask yourself what can I do today that will take me a step closer to my dream life?

Be open.

Be curious.

Be brave

Be a risk taker


Then, Take Action

Take that trip. Start your own business. Apply for your dream job. Write that book. Take that class you always wanted to take. Whatever it is that you want to do in life, go for it.

There are so many little things in life that can turn your life around in an instant that can come about from just taking ONE action.

There is so much to do, so much to see and our time on earth is limited. It’s time to realize that our lives are filled with endless possibilities. We are limitless, you can accomplish anything. We just have to open our minds to see them. We can choose to act or or to sit by and watch life pass us by. And in everything we do every day, we have a choice to make.

Live your life, find ideas that matter and share them. Life possibilities allows us to push ourselves and the people around us to demonstrate gratitude, insight, and inspiration. Life is about taking risks to make the world better by being great.

Taking risks isn’t easy. It takes practice. It takes determination. It takes work. It takes a different mindset. But living a positive, action-oriented life brings us much more than it takes out of us.

The possibilities really are endless. Go after them.

Mitzi J. Hernandez

Mitzi expresses her thoughts and emotions through words.

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