This Is Why You Should Put Your Ego Aside to Grow

You know that thing in your heart and mind that keeps you from saying what you really want? That shows your real emotions? Don’t you feel so little when you are hindered by something that’s not even there? One day at a time, you will feel again, but it all depends on how willing you are to help yourself.

1. Confronting Your Ego Will Turn Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

We all were born to be imperfect, we stumble and fall, and we have different kinds of weaknesses. What really matters, though, is how you embrace your struggles as a part of yourself. Work on your weaknesses instead of masking them because making them invisible will not extinguish them. Your weaknesses do exist, they are real, and they require some self-awareness to turn into strengths.

Being ashamed of your weaknesses will not help you grow or make you satisfied with who you are. When you feel shame, you will always be at war with yourself.

Confronting the fact that your weaknesses exist will make you more aware of your needs and desires. It will make your path clearer for you, and your strengths will take over your weaknesses.

2. When You Let Go, No One Can Hurt You

When you let go, no one can hurt you with their words or get to your inner core. After all, no one really knows what life experiences are making you act the way you do. Thicken your skin because you are not made of paper. You are bulletproof, so insults won’t get to you.

You should keep your ego on an unreachable shelf. Don’t degrade it and let others’ words and actions get on your nerves when anything bad happens. Do not, under any circumstances, put your dignity out for anyone to destroy.

3. The Less You Care About Your Ego, the Saner You’ll Become

As long as you let your ego get in your way, you will always crumble. You will be so harsh on yourself that you’ll remain fragile. When you put your ego aside, you free yourself from all the judgments and pressures that you impose on yourself.

Your ego will also distract you from who you want to be. No matter how many times you try to convince yourself that everything will get better, nothing will work in your favor, as you are the one who’s getting in your own way.

Your constant self-criticism will drain you and vanish any chance of inner piece. Your conflicts will worsen, which will drown you in a sea of self-doubt. Holding onto your ego will only pull you down.

4. Holding On to your Ego Will Make You Eventually Lose Everyone You Love

When you hold your ego close, you turn defensive in any situation. You feel threatened, like your whole being relies on your ego, and your vulnerability will make you feel frail.

When we hold on to our egos too tightly, we always feel competitive, like every conversation is a battle and only one person can win. We don’t speak our hearts, and we don’t reach for solutions because being honest might hurt our pride. We hold onto words unsaid, and our pain lingers longer than it should. We care about how people perceive us more than we care about moving obstacles to self-growth out of our way.

I’ve been there, too. As a hypersensitive person, any unintentionally-said word could keep me awake for days. It could keep me anxious for too long. It could even make me rethink what I wanted to say a hundred times, and I wouldn’t talk in the end. I had endless conversations in my head because I didn’t have the courage to speak the words out loud.

I used to think that whenever anyone joked with me, I had to defend my ego, even if they didn’t mean what they said. I’d stay up all night, outraged that I didn’t defend my pride, worried that everyone wants to disrespect my existence. But one day, I decided that no one has the right to hurt me. My ego shouldn’t be theirs to mock.

I learned to accept myself, move forward, and disregard all the dirt that people throw my way in order to grow. Yes, growing and moving forward is a choice, and I will not choose my ego over my sanity and peace anymore.

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