Looking for the Light

I go missing sometimes. I know that, and I know it is always wrong, but it still happens. I realize ...
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Cherished Family Recipes

This time of year brings back memories of days gone by, of loved ones no longer on earth and cherished ...
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Release Your Sadness

I've always avoided crying, especially in front of other people, though I'm not exactly sure why. I think that somewhere ...
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The Truth Is, I Struggle Too

Just like everyone else, I struggle. I sometimes struggle to manage everything when school life stands in the way. Some ...
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/ loss, vulnerability

What Deciding To End A Friendship Taught Me

I am the friend who is loyal to a fault. I will keep up a friendship even if the relationship ...
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What 2019 Has Taught Me About Death And Love

2019, what’s going on? In my life at least, the first few months of 2019 have been full of negativity ...
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How Losing You Showed Me How Strong I Am

It's been months since I've shed a single tear over you, which is something I should've never done to begin ...
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What I Learned From Grieving My Father’s Death

These last almost-two months have not been the easiest for me. In fact, I think they might be the hardest ...
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/ loss, transition