They Make This Place Feel Like Home

One day, my life will fill libraries. Some sections might be under construction for now, though. We define the course of our destiny by the decisions we make. It is clear that we are allowed to make mistakes and learn from our failures. I personally had to struggle and suffer to the point of almost giving up. However, that’s not me. I want to pursue my dreams. I want to continue

The boundaries of my dreams stretched farther than the city I lived in. My mistakes allowed me to grow and perhaps become the person I am today. I say perhaps because I have to make more mistakes to learn. Do you think the journey of life is easy? I don’t think it is, and I am glad is not because I want to get what I deserve and what I have been fighting for.

I am living the best moments in life thanks to the people that believed in me. They fueled the fire that ignited a passion in me and due to their encouragement and support; I am pursuing what I love.

Circumstances led me to places that I never imagined. Every place brings memories of unique cuisine, exquisite accents, and incredible culture highlighted by the art surrounding any city. In reality, people make those places feel like home.

My journey is filled with moments of happiness and sadness, success and difficulties, company and loneliness, health and sickness. It is a journey that we all encounter at different stages in our lives, either by ourselves or by the support of those around us.

My family is my foundation and I miss them greatly, they have always been there for me. However, my family changes as I move from one city to the other. This speaks true with my friends and social groups by becoming my family away from home.

Friends, our paths were crossed somewhere along the road, and this is something that we have in common. Our lives are marked by memories and experiences that we see through the eyes of daily messages and countless pictures. Every day, I celebrate my family because we have to remember that we are here not only because of our own efforts and sacrifices, but thanks to others paving our path, building our character, making us aware of our faults, teaching us many lessons, speaking to us with a sincere voice, guiding us by experience, warming our hearts with actions, and helping us succeed.

The journey continues by making our family proud of our accomplishments.

Alvaro Rodriguez

I am from Colombia and I am very proud to be from that beautiful country. One of my great passions is life because I have walked this path by sharing it with amazing people. People that have taught me to see the world in a very different way. Extraordinary individuals have showed me what I have never could discover by myself. I am an eager reader of science, poetry, politics, and music (yes, the meaning and composition of song lyrics). I have a great appreciation for art, languages, and the expression of everyone's perspective seen from the lens of a camera. I love Astronomy and one day I will be in space. I am a Research Scientist in Corrosion Engineering and writing is a great way for me to tell the world how I feel.

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