Uncertainty is Beautiful

Uncertainty exists everywhere, and yet there is something beautifully tender and serendipitous about letting the universe take control. It’s a sweet release. The universe is synonymous for uncertainty.

If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

The earth is made up of over seven billion people. And yet, if we fall out of love or friendship with someone, it’s still possible we can find our way back home to one another. If it happens, it’s a happy accident. We can only micromanage so much of our lives, the rest is up to chance. No matter how much we fight it, it is one of the consistent uncertainties of life.
We can only control our own emotions. We can’t control the thoughts and emotions of another; no matter how far we drifted from what we used to be. Even if at our strongest, it felt like an electric current run through us, we are still separate and equal beings.

If it matters, let it matter.

We live a rushed existence. We’re told to act our age, be mature, go to college, get a job, get married and have kids. Somehow in the midst of the big things, we have to weave in what matters to us. It may seem insignificant, but if it matters to you, let it matter.
This line comes from a Johnnyswim song “Let It Matter”. It emphasizes the idea that no matter how badly you are hurting, it’s not in vain. It matters. A simple, yet lovely reminder.
We don’t take enough time to appreciate the small things. Sometimes it has to matter, momentarily before we can grow from it. In moments of hardship, we tell people to pick yourself up, dust off and carry on. But sometimes, that’s not enough. We need to process, grieve, unpack and understand. Only then, can we actually find peace.

It’s right, just not right now.

Timing is everything. Every romantic comedy, stresses this idea. You’re right for me, I’m not right for you. I’m right for you, you’re not right for me. I have my career. You have your career. I have my world. You have your world. I have my life. You have your life. I have roots that I don’t want to replant, especially, if comes with uncertainty. It’s not the time. It may never be the time. You can’t know, until you know and then it’s too late. Sometimes you need to relinquish control, and let the universe realign itself. Same path, different directions.
There’s a romantic element to serendipity. It’s a soft yet intense tango. The universe already knows, you just have to figure it out on your own. Find the joy in the unexpected, the challenge in the unknown and the adventure in the uncertainty. It exists.
Lexi Kakis

Lexi is passionate about music, television and comedy. She is 23 and lives in NY. She loves to create and believes imagination has no age. She’s unofficially one of Oprah’s favorite things.

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