Turning a Time of Loss, Into a Gain

It may not seem like it, but soon enough, we will be emerging from this quarantine, returning to the normal hustle, bustle rhythm of everyday life. But instead of trudging out of our confinements with a feeling of loss—I think, wouldn’t it be wonderful, if we rose out of this situation, feeling like we’ve gained something? I’m not talking about gaining the ‘Covid-15’ everyone’s talking about where you eat everything in your fridge – haha!

I’m talking about putting this global ‘time-out’ to use and obtaining something of value! Delivering our very own silver lining to ourselves! Finally achieving that goal, mastering that skill, receiving that certification. The something that will not only deliver personal joy but also a better quality of life in some way, shape, or form.

I’m not suggesting we discount the emotions of loss and longing we’re all experiencing. Of course, we are missing our friends, our loved ones, our favorite restaurants, salons, gyms and maybe even our workplaces! We miss having routines and running our normal errands. Heck, we just miss being carefree when we didn’t even know we were being ‘carefree’. The way life was before you had to worry about wearing a mask and gloves to fuel your car or go to a grocery store. Undoubtedly, we’re also experiencing sadness, worry and fear. Sadness for the many lives lost, worry for our loved ones and those on the front lines, concerns about our businesses, jobs and livelihoods. Fear of the unknown and what is to follow. No, we cannot discount these feelings, but we can take steps personally to make this wretched situation better.

Turn a negative into a positive.  I propose that the solitude we’re in serves as a prime opportunity for knowledge seeking. A time to look within ourselves and work on the canvas of who we are with no outside distractions diverting our attention. Throw out the book of excuses and use these precious moments for the project that is YOU. A wise coach once pointed out to me that we are so lucky to be living in this age of technology because we can quite literally choose to be connected with any information we want and surround ourselves with the masters of those subjects. We can be mentored by the greats, learn anything and become masters ourselves with just a tap on a keyboard. That has remained etched in my brain since and has left a lasting positive impact on my life and how I manage my time. I think these circumstances have provided a perfect opportunity for me to share this philosophy with others.

So what is it? What do you want to work on? What is your goal? What is that skill you want to master? Is it the book you’ve always wanted to write? That language you wanted to learn? The exercise you wanted to conquer? Let’s make a pact, here and now that for the remainder of this social distancing and isolation that we devote a fraction of our day to developing and giving back to ourselves. Journal your progress and by the end of this you’ll have built a solid foundation for yourself. Who knows—this little project can you lead you down a path of self-discovery you didn’t even know you needed and could forever alter your life’s direction to that of more happiness and fulfillment then you would’ve thought possible. Now wouldn’t that be something? Then maybe we can all take solace in knowing that this wasn’t entirely in vain after all!

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