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Decision Making

Blanket of Darkness

It’s simply unrealistic to be happy and positive all the time. There’s so much uncertainty going on that it’s difficult ...
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Cultivating Hope

For weeks I’ve been apprehensive regarding the return of church services. Was going to church worth the risk of catching ...
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Kindness Matters

We’re living in unprecedented times, an America I’ve never seen before. It’s terrifying. Honestly, I just can’t keep watching the ...
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Statements about my expectations and real expectations

We are living in a very unprecedent time. Not because of the choices we made, but because the circumstances of ...
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Embrace Uncertainty

Uncertainty is inevitable. It’s a rule of life or a simple law of nature. This law is not a comfortable ...
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Everlasting Effects From Relationships

How do you define the relationships in your life? Do they just happen? Are they a product of our search ...
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How Shaving My Hair Off Meant Finding Myself

I shaved my head a month ago, but it hit me while I was scrolling through Instagram. I’m twenty, so ...
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Alone Together

We’re all aware a crisis has come over the world, a global pandemic called Coronavirus or Covid 19. It affects ...
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Create Inner Peace

I’ve been struggling due to health issues over the last several months. Actually, it’s been a rough year so far ...
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