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Blanket of Darkness

It’s simply unrealistic to be happy and positive all the time. There’s so much uncertainty going on that it’s difficult ...
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How Writing Helped Me Cope With Depression

A few years ago, I had hit rock bottom and didn't know where to turn in my life. It seemed ...
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Happy September

I feel like I danced with my physical therapist today. We held hands as we side stepped down the room ...
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A letter to myself on the hard days

Theresa... Today is a gray day. A day when it may be hard to find your smile. A day when ...
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Cultivating Hope

For weeks I’ve been apprehensive regarding the return of church services. Was going to church worth the risk of catching ...
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Achieving perfection is a deviation from life’s equation

How much time do you dedicate to write some words? Or maybe composed a poem? How about writing a research ...
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5 Truths Your Inner Self Deserves to Hear

We all have suffered pain of many different types and severities. How these hurts have impacted our lives vary based ...
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Kindness Matters

We’re living in unprecedented times, an America I’ve never seen before. It’s terrifying. Honestly, I just can’t keep watching the ...
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How Being A Radio Personality Helps Me Cope With Cerebral Palsy

A few months ago, I got the opportunity to have my segment on the radio where I discussed my journey ...
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