Enjoy YOUR Moments

It is a Saturday night, in the middle of July, in New York City, and I am sitting on my couch in my apartment. There is a candle burning, casting a warm glow – the only light in the room, other than the screen from my laptop. It’s raining outside. Not a heavy, loud rain… no, a slow, light drizzle. It is quiet and peaceful… romantic, even – a true “midsummer’s night dream.”

But I am alone. 

Most people who know me (and by “know me”, I mean follow my life on social media…) have this idea in their heads that I live this glamorous life: traveling the world, meeting famous people, and a wild VIP night life. I think I have lost count of all the times people have told me “I am so jealous; I wish I had your life” or “I live vicariously through you!”

The lesson here is that not everything is always as it seems.

You cannot compare your life with the lives that people present to you through their social media pages. Those are just the highlights.

I admit I am also guilty of doing just that.  Sometimes when I see photos some old friends from high school or college post of their weddings, spouses, babies, newly purchased homes and happy little families, I catch myself feeling like I am way behind on life and pressured to catch up.

Ironically, these very same people are the ones who are messaging me saying they love to see my travel photos, or nights out in the city, and that they can’t wait to hear where I am heading next. That is life. That is human nature. The grass is always greener

This has spawned many conversations with my best friend about where I went wrong in life – what turn on what street did I miss that caused me to be lagging behind everyone else? I was the one in a serious long-term relationship for most of my twenties while everyone else was jumping from relationship to relationship faster than you can take a tequila shot. Wouldn’t it make sense that I would have gotten this “timing” thing down right? So how am I the one that is sitting here tonight alone?

The truth is that everyone is on their own paths in life, and are entitled to take as many twists, turns, and stops as they want to before they reach their final destination. Life is about the journey.

Just like a fingerprint, everyone’s individual life story is unique. There can be similar stories, but no two stories will ever be exactly the same. That is the beauty of life.

So enjoy your moments. Everything comes to you at exactly the right time.

Enjoy the times you have as you build your life story day after day, whether they are quiet nights at home alone, adventure filled travels, or everyday moments with your spouse and children.

Do not compare your moments to other people’s moments, because you never know what is just around the corner for you.

Tonight, I am grateful to have this apartment full of exactly the right kind of vibes and energy that bring me so much peace. I am thankful for this calm stillness, which has inspired me and brought me the urge to finally sit down and write again after months of having everything yet nothing to say.

Tomorrow I look forward to whatever new adventure life brings my way. And I plan to enjoy every moment.

Antonella Recchia

Antonella is a gypsy soul with a passion for traveling, experiencing other cultures, and trying new things. Her “happy places” include airports, libraries, and Japanese restaurants. She enjoys reading, creative writing, music, kickboxing, risky/high-speed activities, and food! Her favorite things in life are crafting a good story and making people laugh. While she is still on a journey to figure out her exact life purpose, she is on a mission to be what she’s destined to be!

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