Lyrical Souls

“You have a lyrical soul! You can love under any and all conditions.”

A line delivered by Drew Barrymore from the comedy movie “Fever Pitch” has always resonated with me.

While its a throwaway line in a rather light-hearted movie, the quote describes the idea of a person’s soul/spirit being ‘lyrical’ or in other words passionate and expressive. And it makes me wonder if all of us had spirits like that.

We all love music. The type of music we love may vary, but music gets us motivated through ups and downs, waking up and working, studying and struggling, it helps all of us, and this is because music is lyrical. And our spirits can be just as lyrical by “loving under any and all conditions.”

This is more than just optimism, this is accepting when a situation is bad but choosing love regardless because that’s the only way to make a situation any better. It’s more than basic positivity, it’s choosing to be ‘lyrical’ under any condition, the good times and bad, somewhat like how we have tendencies to fall back on music, TV, radio, friendship, and other things during good times and bad.

Your own spirit can have this dynamic. Anyone’s can. To be lyrical is simply what it takes to separate you from the clans of depression that warred over us these past few decades as the condition of depressions seems to be ever present in day-to-day life, either personally or someone we know.

This helps us to be more kind, to be more patient, to be altruistic, to be less concerned, to be more confident, to be more energetic, to be a better person because its this type of mindset that turns a situation around. It’s a game-changer of it’s own. This is what I believe it means to have a lyrical soul.

Donovan Levine

A writer from Pennsylvania hoping to inspire in whatever ways I can.

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