When Dawn Calls Your Name

Do you have a morning routine? Maybe, you wake up to the sound of an alarm, get up on the right side of the bed, let the phone charge while you take a shower, prepare coffee, make sandwiches for lunch, read a book while eating breakfast, brush your teeth, dress up to embrace a new day, water the plants, grab your keys, put on your sunglasses, say goodbye to an empty apartment, and step outside ready to clean the accumulation of snow off your car. You always turn on the music in the car is, you drive the same roads and watch for children going to school every morning.

As you approach the gate at work, there is always someone waiting, welcoming you with a smile. This is your first interaction of the day. It is out of your control, but you are already smiling because no matter how hot, cold, rainy or dark the day is, you can count on a happy face saying “hello” to you.

You park your car in the usual spot, walk the same path to your office, say “hello” to everyone you see, grab a glass of water, and start the day, reading emails and responding to questions and requests.

You walk through buildings with a big smile on your face because the day says “hello” in the form of black ravens and whispering trees. The sky above is not blue – it will be gray until the moment you see the last ray of light – but you still remain smiling.

Your mood does not change because rain is what you love the most. The world is so green because nature does not take a break during wintertime.

You are very fortunate because you are surrounded by some of the best and brightest people in your industry, no matter what your day brings. They care about you and always show you the ropes to success.

As the work day ends, you go to the gym, you put your thoughts aside, and you let the day finish on a high note. Maybe you spend time writing poems, listening to music, drinking hot tea and reading. No matter what each day brings, you strive to go to bed with a smile.

No matter what you do every day, and no matter what kind of day you’ve had, everything will start over when dawn calls your name.

Alvaro Rodriguez

I am from Colombia and I am very proud to be from that beautiful country. One of my great passions is life because I have walked this path by sharing it with amazing people. People that have taught me to see the world in a very different way. Extraordinary individuals have showed me what I have never could discover by myself. I am an eager reader of science, poetry, politics, and music (yes, the meaning and composition of song lyrics). I have a great appreciation for art, languages, and the expression of everyone's perspective seen from the lens of a camera. I love Astronomy and one day I will be in space. I am a Research Scientist in Corrosion Engineering and writing is a great way for me to tell the world how I feel.

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