Why I Am Happy Being Single

I am the woman who has spent more time being single than being in relationships, and I recently became single once again. I really thought that he was the one, but that was far from the truth. The first few months after the breakup, things were rough, but now I realize that even though relationships are fun, I love being single.

When I am single, I can fully focus on the person that matters the most: me. I can use my time to work on becoming my best self without the distractions of a romantic partner.

I am happy being single because my life grows and develops in ways I never thought possible. I stay busy working on my life, and I love every minute of it. I am building a life that I truly enjoy. I have goals, dreams, and ambitions, and none of them involve looking for a man to be with me.

I’m happy doing everything alone. I choose my own adventures. I can venture out alone. I am happy because I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and I have to say, it’s pretty fantastic. I can stay at home and do nothing, or I can go on a spontaneous trip if the mood strikes. I just go with the flow and wander where life takes me. I never have to check in with anyone. I never have to adjust my plans to fit someone else into my schedule.

I’m happy being single because I have all the freedom in the world in front of me. I’m not willing to give that up for any man. I don’t want a man to tie me down or hold me back. I’m a wild woman with an adventurous heart. I want to explore, travel, and live my best life. I’m not a traditional woman, and I’ll never live a normal life, so any man who pursues me must show me that he can enhance my already awesome life.

I am happy being single because I find ways to love myself more and more every day. All of my love and affection goes inward and warms my own heart.

I am happy being single because I can do things in my own time. I don’t have to settle down or marry by a certain age. I don’t have to rush or chase love. I can focus on becoming a better me so that I can attract a better next. 

When I’m single, I deposit every ounce of my energy into my self-investment bank. I am saving my own personal wealth. Instead of focusing on the superficial, I’m looking for substance and adventure. When I’m single, I focus on my goals, my health, my gains, my future, and my relationship with God.

I am happy being single because I don’t let my relationship status determine my happiness or my worth. I know that one day, soon or later, I will meet my perfect match.

Until then, I will spend my days as a single woman evolving, growing, learning, and doing anything that brings peace to my soul and fills my heart with joy.

Mitzi J. Hernandez

Mitzi expresses her thoughts and emotions through words.

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