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5 Things I Am Glad I Didn’t Get Right When I Wanted Them

We live in a world where we really do crave instant gratification. We can skip the theme songs on Netflix, have food delivered in less than thirty minutes, stream anything rather than going out to purchase it. It’s really hard to wait for things. Oftentimes, when we have to wait we think that it equates to something being wrong. In hindsight, I realize that I was not meant to get the things I once wanted so badly to fall into my lap at the snap of my fingers.

1. I am glad I did not get that rom-com relationship in college.

Believe me, I wanted it. I wanted a date to the dining hall, $2 movie dates, a sure fire plan to fall back on when my friends were out of town or busy. I wanted that companionship that many of us seek and few of us find in our early twenties. However, I now know, had I found it, I definitely would not have let it go. I would have thrown myself into it because that’s the type of human I am. I would not have moved out of state post-graduation, I would not have attempted to chase my own dreams, I would not have been forced on my never ending journey of self-discovery. I would not have learned a lot of lessons from those whom I tried to force my inner hopeless romantic persona onto.

2. I am grateful that I did not get a majority of the jobs I applied for.

The job search was grueling, and quite honestly, was more of a soul search than a job search. Every rejection sent me closer to what I was meant to do and pushed me further from what I was about to settle for. I was ready to stay in my college town, my hometown, anywhere close by, doing jobs that I didn’t even really want to do whilst living at home. Thankfully, enough rejection will light a fire under anyone’s bum and today I cannot be more grateful that that’s exactly what happened to me.

3. I am happy that it took me so long to get my license.

I know this one seems a bit off the wall but that first trip you take on your own with the music loud and the windows down? I got that at age 20. It was like a little piece of delayed adolescence. The only thing I regret about this, was how much self loathing I put myself through for waiting until I was 20 to get a license. Do you know how many people actually care about this? Zero.

4. I’m grateful it took me so long to have my own bedroom.

I have become the master of sleeping in odd places in order to make ends meet. Living room floors, couches, a bean bag chair. Having my own bed and four walls is so much more appreciated after having lived in close quarters. I have been grateful for every place I’ve stayed, but now I can be grateful for where I live.

5. Oddly enough, I am glad that it has and will take time to manifest my ideal body.

I know on some level I want it right now so that I can go ahead and feel secure all the time. Although, I’m pretty sure the whole point of this journey in particular is gaining the security on the way towards attaining the health benefits that come with a beautiful mind and body. I know I will learn something from this stretch of time, as I have from the other long awaited treasures in my past.

I am grateful it took me so long to learn the benefits of patience.

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