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Supporting Faith and Spiritually, Even When You Do Not Understand Them

I was having a conversion a while back with a friend. I asked how their at home church service went and she said it was great. After she told me what they had talked about during the service, she asked me a question: “Larissa do you believe in god?” I then replied, “Yes, I do believe in all that stuff.” They then said to me, “You should start your own spiritual journey again.”  I was not shocked or surprised by what she suggested because she has been doing it for years. I replied to that with, “I have been on a spiritual journey for years… Isn’t it about believing in yourself, having good intuition and learning to let things go?” Their reply was, “I guess” and that was  the end of the conversation.

I came to the realization that wasn’t the answer they had expected or wanted to hear. Now the conversation was over and they couldn’t tell me what they thought was necessary. Was there something they wanted me to know to be able to help me better understand where they were coming from faith-wise? When I gave my answer and they said “I guess,” it made me feel like perhaps my response wasn’t good enough. There was not really a fair opportunity, in my opinion, to have them hear me out as to why maybe different things work for different people.

Here is my issue:

We all like to push our own beliefs on one another and often times it is with good intentions. We want to help others on a spiritual journey and, for many, it seems that often entails pushing what you believe onto other people or telling them they should start their own journey. We never stop and look at the other person’s perspective on what faith does or doesn’t look like to them. We can’t accept and understand it, making it harder to respect the differences in some instances.

Hear me out: It’s just like someone’s idea of a perfect home. That’s their personal space, because its theirs, you respect it and accept it for what it is. What if  we looked at someone’s faith/ spiritually as someone’s personal space, where they can have a faith or spiritual-based journey on their own, if they choose to or not. Yes, you may not like it or understand it, but my honest hope is that we can lessen pushing other people into our personal spaces for a minute and try to let others show their personal space; Really listen and understand their point of view

Having my own personal space (AKA spiritual journey) has allowed me to be to grow and understand myself better. As for my friend, she is on her own journey, looking for her path in a different way and that’s okay. We all have our own belief systems, there is no right or wrong. You just need to create or not create a personal space that works for you. I think if more people were not so eager to show their personal spaces all the time and just let people do what they felt was necessary for them, faith and spirituality wouldn’t be so complicated because it doesn’t have to be. 

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