How the right job can change your life

I believe the American culture has identified being a productive member of society as growing up, going to school and pursuing either higher education or starting a career. They view one as successful once they are making money and paying their own bills independently. I believe finding the ideal career that allows one to feel satisfied is a process that can take years.

A perfect example would be my Dad.

Once he found his ideal career, not only did it help him but it also helped our family. For years, he was an electrician working privately under other contractors. While he enjoyed the work, he found his true calling three years ago when he became a construction trade teacher at BOCES teaching students in 11th and 12th grade. He helps them to learn what working on an actual job site is like as well as the skills necessary for one to be successful in the field. Just like in any job, there are bad days, but overall his satisfaction rate is significantly higher. I love seeing him light up and talk about his day. I love when he gets notes from his students thanking him for his lessons and saying how much they look forward to classes with him. My family benefits too because my dad is free in the summer time and can enjoy holidays with the entire family. This is the best situation for my dad because he truly enjoys spending time with the family and having the work/life balance he used to not have.

As I had previously mentioned, finding an ideal career is a process that can take years. Once you find your ideal career, it can lead to higher life satisfaction. This can help both you and your loved ones. It may take a lot of trial and error but persevere! It takes risks. It takes experimentation. You may change your mind and even your career several times before finding the right fit. Your ideal career may not even be what you once thought it was or even what you think it can be now.

Often time people are frozen by their fear, fear of the unknown. The appeal is the stability a career could provide both financially and mentally. Stop fearing the unknown and start designing the destiny you were meant for. Change your life in ways you did not know were possible. Take a leap of faith. It can only help you in the long run.

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