Chaotic Silence

Did you ever notice the volume behind the silence? Think about it: when someone is grieving or even in a deep state of joy, they aren’t often very verbal. This is because the emotions they are feeling are louder than what words can describe.

If you’ve ever partied in NYC until the early morning hours and can only hear the dull hum of the neon lights as you make your way back to Grand Central Station, think of all the stories the sidewalk is absorbing.

Right before a parent is about to have a tough conversation with their child, they are silent.

When a mother has just given birth and is holding her newborn to her chest, she normally speaks few words.

Sure, there have been countless times when words have described an exact moment or emotion we’ve experienced but sometimes I think more is spoken in the silence.

The moments of quiet you take before stepping on stage for your audition.

The eye locking moment in the doctor’s office when they tell you you’re pregnant.

The eye locking moment in the doctor’s office when they tell you the cancer is back.

The minute before you’re about to say “I love you”.

The minute an army spouse opens the door to see a decorated officer coming to deliver bad news.

The anticipation as your family sits around you while you open your college acceptance..or rejection letter.

There is often much to be said and we live in a society that tells us to speak our truth, embrace our boldness and that not doing so, makes us a coward. I am here to play devil’s advocate and tell you to embrace your silence. Let those moments become the intricate puzzle pieces that make you who you are. That shape your every day interaction. That hold together the fibers of your being and embody the very things you’ll carry throughout your life.

There may be bliss in the talking but there’s community and connection at a much deeper level in the chaotic silence.

Theresa Faughnan

Comedy. Compassion. Coffee. Connection. This is what drives me.

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