Paths after endless disappointments

Life is full of ups and downs for people who always seek perfection, and during this endless war, disappointments occur. It has the most cruel feeling; it makes people wonder why they even want to live in this horrible world. It even makes them wish for the people around them to suffer and agonize. Disappointment, specifically the unfulfilled promises, makes you hate. Hate leads to the most hellacious fate: losing sense of who you really are. 

You have two paths in life to choose from: A path that leads to a comfort zone that will make you feel good and close to yourself, but overtime could chain your soul and diminish your willing to live. The other path is hard, yet will lead you to eternal rapture at the end of it.

Path 1

  • Pushing people who care about you away
  • Changing your attitude towards someone with minimal to no reasoning
  • Blaming yourself for putting your trust in a wrong place
  • Bitterness that begins to overwhelm all over your passion to dream, feel, or even live your life
  • Eventually, you lose your identity and get lost in this emptiness forever hoping that one day you simply vanish

Path 2

  • Letting go of the excuses you gave to people who hurt you the most; forgive and move on
  • Beginning to fix your inner core and rejecting other people in the barbaric waves of other’s mistakes
  • Aiming to develop yourself to reach higher places, looking towards your dreams, believing that you can get your dreams right under your feet
  • Keeping in mind that people who have a beautiful hearts and caring souls do exist and one day your Soulmate will come to accept who you really are
  • Most importantly, getting your personality and beautiful spirit back. When you do this you’ll always see the bright side in your life and you’ll spare people who hurt you and you’ll find peace and joy in your life like never before

People know how hard it is to know how to choose which path to go on with. Path one is considered to be the comfort zone that people close on themselves, not ready to take risks to keep up with life. By nature, path two is hard to start because the journey of finding your soul has a lot of handicaps, leading people give in and retreat back to their comfort zone.

If the first path is that comfy, why is path two better? Why should people take a step towards the second path if it’s that hard? The answer is simple: At the end of the day, the first path will end up being a life-consuming way, it will create a prison that will prevent you from living a life that you are starving for, it will stop you from discovering the things you are hungry to reach, and eventually you will end up losing your own identity.

Path two is the hardest. Yet, it’s the easiest riddle of all time; making up your mind despite all the dark and regrettable thoughts inside is the key to the mindset that you’ve always wanted. Your life just needs you to take a minute and decide to act upon it. You’ll quickly find out how it’s worthy you are to take that risk for yourself and you’ll see how beautiful life will be after that choice.

Life is all about challenges and heading to distinctive destinations; that’s why, I chose the second path. You are made to leave imprints in this world! Every one of us is made for a reason, to live, succeed and to fulfill roles of life. and for me, I didn’t do that by just crumbling in my despair, hoping for life to get better.

What are you going to choose?

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