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5 Concepts I’m Willing To Adopt In 2019

My last year has been filled with bumps, resonating pains, unexpected disappointments, and severe heartbreaks, yet, I don’t regret any moment I’ve lived; they made me who I am now, I have learned enough to get me through this year.

1. Don’t get obsessed with love

Love is essential despite who you have it for, just don’t let it possess you, don’t let it be your only rising sun. You are the queen of your own universe, so don’t put anything above you, don’t let love blind your vision, control you or take you away from the empire you build for yourself.

2. Don’t stay where you don’t belong
It’s ok to move, it’s ok to go away, it’s ok to feel that something is wrong; you can be stuck in a wrong country, a job that doesn’t suit you, workmates that hinder your happiness or even have the wrong group of friends.
Move out, leave your discomfort, go where you can grow, you’re not a tree you can go wherever your contentment settles, life is too short to live with dissatisfaction or with any kind of irritation, we age up with everyday and it’s very boring to not experience new things continuously. The world is spacious and there is absolutely something out there that can make your soul euphoric.

3. Family comes first
Love your family with every bit in your heart, they’re the ones that are undoubtedly worthy of your love, they will never hurt you, they’ll always have your back against any odds, they’ll always have that unconditional love and accept all your flaws never put anyone above them, don’t let anyone come near them, stand up for them and show them all the support even when they don’t need it. Treat them like they are sacred and never take their presence in your life for granted.

4. Give more to your friends
While putting yourself first, don’t get over consumed with your desires and forsake the ones that provided you with their helping hands, the ones that stood beside you all the way to be this well built up. Your true friends will seek your happiness like it’s theirs, give them some of your time, don’t just called them on holidays or when you need them. Make time for them, they are worthy of it. They will always be the ones that will carry you out of your dark times to the light of day.

5. Respect myself and put her first
I’m who I have, I’ve met and lost people and it taught me not to let anyone come near my dignity or pride. I have sacrificed too many times when I was not supposed to do so, I’ve seen those whom I sacrificed for disrespect me, and make me abide by things I didn’t accept under the name of love. I put them above myself but this time, I will never put anyone my priority, I deserve all the love I keep trying to make everybody feel, I will not let anyone disrespect my desires or get indifferent about how I feel. I will be strong for myself, I will create my own happiness and cease relying on others to make it happen.

I will constantly remind myself that I’m sufficient to make my dreams come true, I will be proud of my values, desires, and my whole existence I will cherish my prior people but never again above myself.

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