Make This Your Debut

I’ve been doing theatre things since high school. Drama club, scene study classes, and countless rehearsals fill my memory banks. There’s so many, they’re a part of the fiber that created me.

But I’m seeing theatre through new eyes lately—my husband’s. After playing a miner in our last historical play at our local community theatre (to help us out in a bind) he decided to audition for our current show—a festival of one-act plays. It’s a big deal. The one-acts are probably the most popular show at the theater. But it’s a big deal for my husband as well. Pete is usually reserved, quiet—sort of a background guy. This show is a big step out of his wheelhouse.

As he prepares for his speaking lines debut, I’ve seen some changes. For an introverted man who would rather be alone with his thoughts—at least that’s how he’s been since I met him—he’s now eager to get to rehearsal. While he claims it’s in order to get a parking space, I believe there’s more to it than that. At the theater he has made new acquaintances—some with friends of mine, and I’m happy to see them enjoying their time together. But I’ve also seen people complimenting him on his delivery. He’s a funny guy—and more people are getting to see that. 

I’ve said it before, but I’m going to again—there’s something to be said about pushing yourself to try something new. This latest theatre experience has given my husband a new way of looking at himself and his many talents. I never thought that acting could be something we might share an interest in together, but he’s surprised me again, as he’s done many times before.

Consider surprising yourself by trying something new. Maybe your big debut is next.

Marcie Herman Riebe

Marcie is a bilingual caseworker by day, a university adjunct by night, and an aspiring writer at times in between. An import to NEPA, she has been active in the arts for many years from theatre to forensics to music. Her interest in the arts continues as founder of Ink, an area writer's group, a founding member of Voce Angeli (NEPA's only all-female chamber choir), and as a columnist for Thirty-Third Wheel. She loves all things Pittsburgh, particularly the University of Pittsburgh where she earned her Master of Arts in Linguistics. She lives in Scranton with her handsome husband, Pete, and their horde of cats: Napoleon, King Ajax, Sam, and Dean.

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