Keeping Faith

“Where is it, Where is it?”

 I mutter as I dig through my jewelry box.

My favorite part of my morning routine is accessorizing my outfit.  All the different colors and options; I love collecting jewelry.  But there is one accessory I never leave home without; my silver ring with the word Faith engraved on it.

Frustrated, I exclaim, “How could I have lost my Faith!?”

It’s easy to lose your faith.  Something didn’t go the way it should; your friend lets you down, you miss a deadline at work, you get into a fight with your mom.  You can lose faith in friends, family, coworkers—yourself. So…how do you find it again?

First, tell yourself that it’s okay.  You are allowed to go through a phase where you’re not sure where to turn. When my world has been turned upside down, my strategy is to look upward, inward, and outward.  I look upward to pray, inward to evaluate myself, and outward to my friends and family for support.

Some other strategies that are helpful is to list the people you do believe in. God, your sister, your best friend from elementary school. No matter how lost you feel, if you look closely you will find someone who can shine a light in the darkness to help you find your way back.

List the things you are grateful for. Even if it is just your dog or the free makeup samples in a magazine, it’s something.

What I’m grateful for in my dark moments:

–          My spirituality: I pray a lot and read devotionals, and they are always full of hope.  It is something I believe in when it seems like there is nothing else.

–          My sense of humor: I can typically find humor in any situation and sometimes that helps to alleviate the stress of it all.

–          Friends and family: No matter how many times they have heard it, I know I can always count on the people in my life to encourage me and lift me up.

A few days later, as I clean out my suitcase from a recent trip, I spy a little twinkle of something near the lining.  I pull back the zipper and there it is…my Faith ring.  And isn’t that how it always goes—Just when you’re about to give up, a little glimmer of hope catches the light.

Sabrina Deshner

Sabrina Deshner has over 10 years’ experience teaching leadership concepts within higher education and non-profit organizations and has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources. She strives to make a positive impact on individuals through teaching them the importance of personal and professional development and in her spare time does health and wellness coaching. She has a passion for learning, creating new things and sharing stories. You can typically find Sabrina reading, writing, dancing or traveling...oh, and watching Netflix. The quote that she lives by is from George Bernard Shaw, “Life is not about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself.” Some of her favorite things include: visiting NYC, her nieces and nephews, the color pink, Disney Princesses, and the Golden Girls.

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