Believe and Achieve

I keep the quote, “Those who don’t believe in treasure will never find any” written down on a slip of paper inside my wallet. It’s a powerful reminder for me that believing is instrumental to achieving my goals. It takes me back to a time when I almost let doubt win.

Although it is true one of my passions is exploring and looking for real life treasure, I feel the word ‘treasure’ in the quote encompasses a multitude of meanings. Treasure is defined as ‘something of great worth or value’, and so anything we give great value to can replace the word ‘treasure’. For instance, the words success or love might be exchanged for treasure in the sentence.

It is difficult to find something if you don’t believe it exists or you don’t believe it exists for you. Geesh, even if you do believe, it still might be hard to find; like take for example, you know you parked your car in the parking lot outside the store you just went into, but can’t find it. However, because your belief was so strong your car had to be there to find, you eventually did. The doubt or questioning whether you could find your car wasn’t strong enough to make you give up. You knew, beyond a doubt, it was there.

That is the belief we need to strive to create in ourselves when trying to accomplish goals. You must believe, above doubt, you can find a way to achieve, and you will! You won’t give up or let doubt steal your dream away.

But it is true, while many times we start out with a fierce belief, doubt begins to weaken, wear down, and attack our confidence the moment we face struggles during our journeys. We’ve all been there.

Doubt can be a formidable foe. It has an intimidating voice, and appears whenever we step out of our comfort zones. It greets us whenever we attempt to become better or do something different. For this reason, it is best to be prepared to battle doubt, because it will assuredly come. And half the battle is won already when you realize this, and prepare yourself for it.

Below are a few top weapons to have in your arsenal to combat doubt. Use them all if necessary! Don’t be like the end of a horror film and think ‘doubt has been conquered as soon as it falls down’. It will rise again. I’ve seen it! Go overboard. It can’t hurt and can only reinforce and booster your belief all the more!

*Have a list of your strengths to read. When doubt begins to emerge, take immediate action. One of the best ways to diminish doubt’s strength is to remind yourself of your own, and how much more powerful YOU are.

*Make a list of your past accomplishments. Count your wins. Keep a journal of all the things, big or small, you have accomplished. When doubt seeps into your mind, read them. You will instantly begin feeling better because you have reminded yourself that doubt has been defeated before by you. Many times! You can do anything you put enough belief in!

*Keep your dreams in front of you. Knowing what you want, and why you want it, and keeping an eye on those dreams, keeps the focus on the great things ahead. This helps you to just trample across any doubt that comes in your path because you are so focused on the result, and won’t let anything block your way.

*Focus on the positive and speak positive to yourself. The more you say ‘I got this’ or ‘There is nothing I can’t do once I put my mind to it’ or ‘I am so going to be a success’, the less room there is for any form of negative. Fill your mind with positive, so doubt has no place to sneak into it.

*Realize failure is not final. It becomes stepping stones for reaching greater success, and success is a journey. This helps take away the fear of failing, which is often a comrade of doubt. It makes doubt weaker and easier to overcome.

*Read Project Wednesday! Well of course! Reading inspiring stories about others helps you to realize,

‘You can do it’ and believe more in yourself! And, YOU CAN DO IT!

There are many examples I could give when doubt reared its ugly head at me, and how the above weapons helped me overcome that doubt. I will share the one which caused me to place the quote in my wallet though, and how keeping it there has continually helped me in my life.

A few years ago now, I was searching for a small hidden treasure. It was a Rock with an engraved code on it, that if found, would be used to claim a ‘treasure’ (a large 1913 ten dollar note worth maybe $200 dollars). I had solved the clues of the puzzle to the location, but upon arriving, I began doubting. I began thinking, ‘What if it was found already? What if I made a mistake with the solution? What if I can’t find it, even if I have the right solve?’

These thoughts were in my mind when I began looking. I wasn’t having any success in finding it. I was about ready to give up, letting all my doubts take over. I said to myself, ‘It must have been found. I probably I made a mistake. It’s just not here.’

But then I stopped. I realized, wait! It is here. This solution is right. I can find this. I did solve the puzzle. It is here. I did what the quote above implies doing- If you believe in treasure, you can find it.

With that change of thought, I looked again. It didn’t take long at all to see the coded stone! It was right in front of me the whole time. I was excited; to not only to have found the treasure, but to have overcome all doubts! It was an enlightening experience for me, because it was proof that a BELIEF in something can, and does, make all the difference.

It was then I placed the quote in a place for me to go to whenever needed. I’ve pulled it out many times over the past years, and sure to do so in the future.

It is my secret weapon. What is yours? Find one! You can find treasure.

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