Balancing Life

Balancing life with cerebral palsy can be a difficult task. In fact, there were many days as a teenager where I just wanted to go under a rock and start crying because it was so overwhelming. There are some days where I still feel that way.

I feel as if being a writer and an advocate for cerebral palsy allows me to forget about all the negative things about cerebral palsy. Writing has helped me immensely over the years I don’t know what I would do if it weren’t for my gift to writing in inspiring others.

I feel like when you have a disability balancing life is very important because our schedules are so hectic and busy at times between doctors appointments and physical therapy and going to a specialist at times I often wonder if I ever have time to breathe. The key to balancing the good life when it comes to having a disability is finding something you love to do to pass the time like for example when I’m not doing my homework for my online college I continually seek ways to inspire others and ideas to stimulate my mind

I also like to go outside and meet new people and find original inspiration for the things that I would someday like to publish books about I’m always thinking of creative ways to encourage myself be a confident individual to society despite my disability. I think that when it comes to balancing your life with your disability, you have to find the one thing you love to do which for me is writing I’ve been running ever since I was 15 years old and I haven’t stop sent then.
 In a lot of ways I think right a lot of ways I think writing for giving me the positive mindset that I do have my family that has supported me through my whole journey because if it wasn’t for writing, I think I wouldn’t be able to balance my life nor would I have anything to look forward to I’m With that being said I want to thank Holly and Chelsea for all of the amazing work they put into creating a platform for all of us to express ourselves

Tylia Flores

Tylia Flores is a 23-year-old born with cerebral palsy. Although her condition has affected her mobility, it has never affected her will and determination.

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