Hopeless Romantic to Hopeless Realist

How would you describe yourself when it comes to finding love and believing in the ultimate fairytale? For as long as I can remember I was always the type to believe in the fairytale; the happily ever after. If there was ever a person who epitomized the true definition of what a hopeless romantic would look like I have no doubt you would come across a picture of me. Over the last several years though I have adapted my own viewpoint when it comes to love and the roller coaster it puts you through when all you’re trying to do is find a lasting relationship with someone who matches you, challenges you and makes you better without changing you into someone you don’t recognize. I have gone from recognizing myself as a hopeless romantic to now seeing myself as a hopeless realist.

What that means is that while I still believe in the concept of the fairytale, and living happily with someone I am also very aware that it will take work to get that ideal picture of what I believe that fairytale ending should look like. And for several years after my heart was blindsided by the unexpected ending of a decade-long friendship, I found myself in a very vulnerable and emotionally shakey place for a very long time. And because of that, my heart changed. It’s true when they say that pain can change you. I went from the girl with the Achilles’ heart to the girl with the calloused heart. So when I actually ended up finding love online three years ago, and unbeknownst to me at the time.

But I would soon realize that I have found my own serendipitous moment online, via Facebook when I found someone I now consider my one true love; my “the one.”But if I am being completely honest, I didn’t know that I had just done that at the time, but if you ask my guy that question he would answer right away with matter-of-fact  “yes.” I mean come on; it is Facebook after all and some people just don’t belong anywhere near the internet. When people use to say things like, “it’ll happen when you least expect.” I automatically thought, “yeah right, when does that ever happen outside of books, television, and movies that is? Answer: never.

Or at least I thought so at the time. Isn’t it funny how you can meet someone one and you immediately think to yourself, ‘Oh, this person will be a part of my life forever.” Then life has a way of showing you just a how wrong you can be. And then when you resign yourself to the fact that they were never meant to stay for good, and you find that not only have you changed, but your heart has too. And you have accepted the fact that your heart will never go back to the way it was before then God sends you a literal answer to a prayer you have had for long as you can remember, and your heart is not only restored, but you have found someone who you had no idea even existed.

While we have had our challenges outside of the distance being the most obvious one. I can’t imagine my life without my guy in it. We have become vital pieces to one another that go far past the surface. It’s almost like God saved this love for me to have now, and not sooner, because he knew what I would need from my ideal match later on down the road. And a teenage crush or puppy love wouldn’t fit in my love story. How do I know he’s the real deal for me? Because he drives me nuts. We continue to disagree with one another, work together, and on our own. Lean on and support one another. And most importantly, he and I can be 100% real with one another. We have become more than just best friends, first real loves, and everything in between, but we have become apart of each other’s souls. We each accept each other’s flaws he and  I and look at them as experiences that us to find one another. They say, that if you aren’t scared when you first fall in love then they’re not the one for you.

Well, Chris not only scares me but he looks at me in a way no one from the outside has before. It fits in quietly, and reassuringly amongst my heart and soul as if he has always been a part of it. And contrary, to what Chris thinks loving him is easy for me to do.  So if you ask me what serendipity is loving someone despite the obstacles, challenges, flaws, and opinions of a world that can’t see love without rose colored glasses. Serendipity, to me, is loving someone without judgment, complete acceptance, and with your heart wide open. Ready to not only receive the love it’s being given but to give it back in absolute confidence that it will never come back to you in pieces again.

Jessica Niziolek

Jessica is the founder of and writes for The Abler - a blog that deals with topics with far too much stigma, and not enough education or knowledge. She is an advocate for the disability community. Jessica is also a contributing writer for MEDIUM.COM. Lastly, she is a coffee and chocolate junkie who loves heavy metal and rock music.

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