Scattered Petals

Far from home

Knowing no one

I stood, a pallid flower in the wind

Bent down

Knocked over


In the distance

Appeared a flower

Bursting with color and vitality

Its petals scattered immediately

Like autumn leaves on a brisk day

Leaving it bare


Vulnerable to the weight of the world

My petals dropped one by one

As I stood in awe

And trembled at the weight of the moment

That left me bare


Vulnerable to the weight of the world

But for the first time

I felt



And belonging

The moment my petals scattered

I knew I could never turn back

I turned to face the sunlight

And embrace a new beginning







Kelly Douglas

Kelly is an avid writer and mental health and disability advocate with a focus on personal growth. She is passionate about using her life experiences to help others. Her ultimate goal is to make a difference in the world -- no matter how small. When she is not writing or educating others about life with disability and mental illness, Kelly can be found listening to music and cuddling her cat.

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