A Call To Action

Living with cerebral palsy has been far from an easy road to travel down. I’ve struggled, I’ve been angry, and I’ve cried more than my fair share of tears. So many years went by as I aimlessly searched for the reason for my existence.

`Nearly three years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to start blogging about my life, serving as an advocate for those with disabilities and providing a light of hope in a rather dark world. I share everything. “Molly’s Zone” gave me my start and introduced me to my now dearest passions:

The Independent Living Movement and Disability Rights.

The two intertwine and are equally exciting and full of possibilities; the key to the continued growth and success of both is simply continuing to make people aware of these very important issues. What are some ways we can do that?

First of all, we need more of those who are willing to speak up on issues that may come about in their own communities; the more advocates we have, the louder we become. Reaching out to any organization, newspaper, magazine, television network, or simply anyone who might willing to help spread the word would help! Don’t be shy. Speak up!

Secondly, we need contributors! We need any talent you may have! Whether you do well at public speaking,  whether you’re a writer or a musician, or maybe you love to dance; those are all valuable and can be useful in supporting disability rights.  Simply sharing information or donating to organizations who support disability rights is also a great way to contribute! We need more representation across the board. We have to keep showing the world that we do add value. We need to continue working to inspire and encourage others to join in the fight for our rights.

Lastly, in order to increase our volume, we must hold on to and work to strengthen our determination. Persistence and awareness go hand in hand. We should strive to instill that same grit and passion into those around us.

I know I’m here because I want to make a difference. I deal with my own set of challenges every day. I’m not perfect, but I’m here to show others they can do it. You can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. I exist only as one person in a sea of millions who are fighting. I’m still rather quiet at times, but I am growing and learning to speak up and to be passionate. Writing is fun, but there’s so much more to do. There’s more for all of us to do; reasons to keep going.

The change starts with awareness. We have got to let people know what is going on. We’ve got to tell them what is important to us,  why it’s important, and what our goals are to continue growing this movement. I feel that with every bit of awareness we achieve, we only become stronger and bigger.

I have always believed that we are all here for a reason. My reason is to show people what the disability rights movement is while working to highlight its importance in the world. Join the cause and make a change with me. Who’s ready?






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