You Have Reached Your Mountaintop

About a week ago, I had new hire training at my job, and one of the things we do at that point in the year is a service project for organizations we support.

This year, we chose the organization “More Love Letters,” whose mission involves writing letters to people who could use some extra support.

Participating in the project inspired to me to start writing more letters of my own, some anonymous, some not. So here’s a letter to those who feel lost and lonely, like I have in the past.

To the lost and lonely,

If you’ve ever elected to stay at home and read a book rather than go participate in events, if you’ve ever felt lost in conversation, betrayed by a friend, or unworthy of someone’s love, if you’ve ever doubted your own values, contradicted yourself, lost someone or something you loved, had to restart your progress, walked by yourself, drove by yourself, laughed by yourself, or learned by yourself, if you are lonely, please listen to what I have to say.

All of us have reached a mountaintop, a place, a point, or a view only we have seen. No one else could have seen this place unless they’ve walked in our shoes or we’ve invited them to sit on the mountaintop with us.

What makes all of us unique is how different those views are. The view from Olympus will always be different than the view from St. Helen, and we shouldn’t compare the views from Everest and Wycheproof. No matter how high you’ve climbed, your experience is just as significant as the next person’s.

Even if your hardships don’t compare to others’, or your accomplishments don’t seem to be good enough, remember that you have still reached your mountaintop.

Your climb had its obstacles. It may not have gone perfectly. You may have fallen to rock bottom.

But your situation can and will change. If you’ve lost your sense of optimism, let this letter be your new source of positivity. Know that there’s another person out there rooting for your success, hoping you land that job, find that soulmate, renew old connections, discover new hobbies, redeem old failures, and travel to new destinations. No matter what your next step is, take a step back first, and realize that you already stand on a mountaintop.

Remember that you have a unique vision that no one else ever will. Recognize this vision. Manifest it. Let your vision be a guide, a source of confidence.

We may climb alone, we may not know where our next destination leads, we may be lost or lonely, but we are not devoid of hope for a better future.

You never know when you will find someone with a shared vision or someone who you wish to share your view of the mountains with.

But whatever your view looks like, know that it’s beautiful.

Donovan Levine

A writer from Pennsylvania hoping to inspire in whatever ways I can.

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