3, 2, 1 – Happy New Year!

Making this new year selfish, mindfully selfish.

Me, selfish?

I’m really not in all honesty. I am so in all actuality self-LESS! Guess what I did yesterday? I took my daughters to the movies and we were sharing a mega bucket of popcorn, of course, we emptied it. Free Refills! My youngest daughter demanded more. Neither of them would go and get the bucket filled, of course, I did. Guess what else I did yesterday? In walking back into the theater with the bucket filled with buttery, yummy popcorn, I stopped and leaned against the wall watching the movie. I lingered there alone and ate the popcorn, for myself, JUST ME! The simple things, right?

This year I have given so much energy to bullsh*t. Things not worth my time. Lost sleep, energy and to things that truly hold the smallest amount of value. So, I am just turning the knob down on some things and up on other pieces that I should make more important to me.

I love and anticipate the question, “Any New Years resolutions?” We answer with excitement, goals in mind or keep our treasures and secrets to attack, but have started to simmer with sparks of magic on January 1st. I have done some new today and conversed with others about their plans and to-dos.

Today on this first day, I’ve heard of amazing things to look forward to or anticipate and some worries. I’m always reminded, how do we value one another? News such as a baby announcement that was four years of a holding period. Reminded me that I had the joy of photographing a baby announcement too for a family this Christmas. On a serious note, I have heard of sickness and was reminded of how weak we can get, feel, how we can deteriorate. Tears for my old family and one’s health. Reminded me too, six months ago I was in the hospital from a heart attack at 40. Let’s not take life for granted.  Planning for reviving our home and growing more in my business.

Today is a day to thrive. It’s the feel and buzz in the air.. No matter what the temperature “tries” to freeze us at. It’s been between 3 and 20 degrees this holiday.
No fear though, because you can’t freeze goals, love or promises.

Happy New You!

Amy Scott

Born in Atlantic City NJ, and raised in NEPA. Forever a lover of sand and ocean, but would escape to the woods and a cabin. Fan of traveling, small coffee shops, real feels and deep conversations. A girl that will throw the car in reverse to photograph something that catches her eye. Continuing to find herself even at 40. Amy holds the first four year college degree in her family history. A mother of two daughters who come first. Photographer of family and abstract. Writer of life pieces and poetry. Passionate in inspiring others to always find the positive.

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