Why P!Nk Is One of My Music Role Models

Music is my refuge.

Admittedly, I don’t know much about music. I do enjoy listening to it and applying it to my life. I often listen to music when I am down to cheer me up or when I work on my writing to keep the energy and motivation going. One of my favorite musicians is P!nk. Her music is so relatable. Her lyrics hit me in the right place. I feel like she is my spirit person. I have seen her live-in-concert twice and I can tell you that her shows are quite the treat!

I love concerts in general, but her concerts are more of a production! There are a ton of unique costume changes and vibrant backdrops to along with her acrobatic tricks. I had never seen a combination of gymnastics and music in one show! If you know me just a little bit, you would know that gymnastics is one of my favorite sport in the world. So, to see both a concert and a dash of gymnastics added it was quite the feast for my eyes!

I find that P!nk is not only an awesome musician, but she is also an excellent role model. I like her personal attitude about many of today’s current issues such as gay marriage and not assigning gender roles to her children. I believe firmly in the equal treatment of all people and I believe that you should be granted the ability to love freely no matter what your sexual orientation. I also believe in freedom of expression and allowing your child or children to play and explore whatever toys suit their sense of wonderment. I find that so many are so quick to judge or label a certain toy or color for boys or for girls.

For example, for the longest time, pink was considered a girl’s color and blue a boy’s color. However, if your boy likes pink what’s the big deal? This is a free country, and I believe that even children should have the right to choose. I understand that much of society is geared around “sexualizing” things, for lack of a better term. Some people are so fearful of differences in sexualization that is not the norm and shield their kid from toys and play that they deem inappropriate.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this piece, I am not going to judge you if you want to raise your child in the traditional way. You are free to do what you think is right and you have the freedom to choose. I do not plan on having children of my own nor do I have the desire to get married. I just wanted to take advantage of my freedom of expression and share my feelings about this topic.

You may not agree with me, and it is fine if you don’t. I am not here to judge you. No one’s opinions are the same. That is part of what makes all of us unique and it is part of what makes the world go around.

I am a very introspective thinker and more of an out of the box type person when it comes to society’s roles and norms. I am more of a liberated and free thinker. I stand firmly in my belief that you should treat others how you want to be treated regardless of differences in thinking. We are all human. We all have a voice that is begging to be heard, even if it is not people specifically want to hear or are used to hearing.

I believe that if given the chance to meet P!nk, she and I would have a lot in common. I would have to thank her for being a voice for the ones that cannot speak for themselves. I would have to thank her for her tremendously “above and beyond” talent and thank her for getting me out of some of life’s most difficult situations. I am thankful for people like her who speak up for what she believes in. That is so important and needs to become a more commonplace theory in today’s world.

Karla Culbertson

Karla is a 33 year old independent writer. She is wheelchair dependent due to Cerebral Palsy, chronic pain, and hip dysplasia, but she does not let that stop her from enjoying life. It is Karla's goal in life to inspire and uplift others. She loves writing positive blog posts that may have the potential of inspiring others and bettering their lives.

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