My Approach to the New Year

It is hard to believe that a new year is here. The years fly by us at a rampant pace. This is especially true the older we become. It seems like we blink, and the year is over before we know it. That is why it is so important to live in the moment and savor life for all its worth.  We all approach each new year with a list of resolutions we intend to accomplish. Whether we accomplish the goal is often based on its ambition and loftiness. Regardless, though, having goals never hurt anyone, and it’s always good to live with intention and purpose.

With 2020 starting a few weeks ago, I thought it would be worthy to begin this article by saying that the past year had its fair share of ups and downs. However, we survived. As simplistic as this seems, it is quite the feat. Life can be grueling and sometimes it can make us feel like an unfit being. It certainly doesn’t discriminate and doesn’t care who it throws challenges at. It doesn’t assess our weaknesses and successes first. It just throws stuff at us full force, and if we get hit, we have to find a way to survive and somehow fight back.

We can’t just sit back and act as if nothing happened. We have to don our full armor and fight like a superhero. As we all know being a superhero is no easy feat, especially considering the many villains who lurk around us, waiting for us to fail and fall down any chance they are given. At times, life can be like the world’s worst virus, attacking our most vital organs over and over and making us so weak we begin to fall to our knees.  We may even become so desperate to stop the attack that we ask God for help in the form of prayer.

In the same instance, life can be grand and wonderful. It can treat us to the most savory and wonderful surprises. Sometimes, this comes in the form of love or friendship. The most pure and profoundest of loves can make you feel like you are so light that you could float on air.  I also believe life can deliver us the best of friendships, which surround us with loyalty and unconditional love. Sometimes all we need in life is a supportive basis and a listening ear. Even if you cannot relate, it brings us a sense of solace and comfort to know that someone is listening to what we are battling with or celebrating our joys together.

In this upcoming year, it is my goal to maintain a positive attitude throughout every circumstance. I hope to continue to gain success and achievement with my writing, helping to engross and entertain my readers every step of the way. I hope to continue inspiring my readers by writing truthful and awe-inspiring articles about living with a disability. It is also my goal to approach life with the mindset that life is what we make of it and it is dependent upon us and our attitude to make it the best possible life!

Life is a wild ride, but as long as we protect ourselves and attempt to live up to our fullest potential, we will find that our existence becomes both smoother and easier. You will find appreciation in the simpler things, which will cause you to radiate joy and happiness! Once you get used to a happier lifestyle, it feels great to look back on the past and look forward to the future.  You will glow with a confidence unlike any other!  A new year is a clean slate with which to begin anew and become the person you always see in your dreams!

Karla Culbertson

Karla is a 33 year old independent writer. She is wheelchair dependent due to Cerebral Palsy, chronic pain, and hip dysplasia, but she does not let that stop her from enjoying life. It is Karla's goal in life to inspire and uplift others. She loves writing positive blog posts that may have the potential of inspiring others and bettering their lives.

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