Love Yourself First

“Make sure you secure your oxygen mask before assisting others.”

We’ve all heard these words before, but they don’t just apply to oxygen masks on airplanes.

My version is “Make sure you love yourself before helping others.”

Today, I compared myself to other bloggers. “I’m not as creative. I’m not as good a writer as everyone else. No one is going to care what I have to say.” And my favorite, “I only got 0 comments and 6 likes.”



Okay, Melissa, you are a smart, thoughtful, caring and loving person. You have a good job, a loving family and the best pets. You have amazing hair! You are funny and have a big imagination. You influence the people around you in a positive way. You have succeeded in life even though it hasn’t always been easy. You have grown so much over the past few years, and I am proud to call you, ME!

That’s better.

Now I want everyone reading this to try that.

As humble humans, it can feel uncomfortable to praise ourselves. If any of you are like me, I can give out compliments all day. But I usually forget to tell myself that I’m awesome too.

The fact that our society and social media have made it so easy to negatively compare ourselves to others (even though we know nothing about the circumstances behind the photo or video we see online) has changed the way we view ourselves.

You all know what I mean.

You also know it’s unhealthy.

And honestly, who cares about the number of likes. That should not be a defining characteristic of who we are.

So my first piece of advice to me, is to start loving myself. Stop comparing myself to others. That includes negatively and positively. Because everyone has a story, a different story, and they are all unique and awesome.

Go give yourself a hug and a pat on the back. Then go do something that makes you feel good. You deserve it. You are amazing.

And don’t forget to love yourself.

Melissa Rafalko

Her dream job is to be a princess, but for now, she sticks with being a scientist who has a big imagination. Melissa is from Scranton, Pennsylvania and currently calls Nashville, Tennessee her home. Her family is her life. She loves her dog, Jodi, and her cat, Johnny Bear. Oh, and she is reading the Harry Potter books for the first time, and she thinks they are amazing!

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