Iterate and Wait

I know you. You’re like me. You want to change the world.

But the world is so big, and you’re so little. And your goals feel painfully out of reach.

I get it, and I get why you’re discouraged. From one over ambitious soul to another, I have a piece of advice; don’t go out trying to change the world. Do what you love, do what you can, and do that every day.

I reiterate – do that every day.

Eventually, the world will change.

You want to do big things, but the only big things that happen immediately are destruction. Positive change is built one small step at a time. The progress might be hard to see at times, and will definitely be hard at times, but don’t give up the good fight.

Work as hard as you can, but don’t jump to the end, you’ll burn out. Enjoy the small successes; they build the big ones. Embrace the failures; they hone your skills in the correct direction.

Find mentors, ask them bits of advice; they’ll be happy to provide. Mentorship is a two way street. Be a mentor when someone needs you, knowledge is never gone when it is given.

Break your hopes, dreams, goals and problems into small bits and tackle each one, one at a time. You will sit and spin your wheels in a panic. You will choke if you eat the whole thing at once.

Iterate and wait. Do that every day.

Eventually, the world will change.

Danny Lykens

Entrepreneur, Engineer, Artist. You'll either find Danny in his startup's office, or running in the woods. He is a tinkerer who realised passions can become careers, and that happiness lies in doing what you love.

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