If you asked me to take you back, this is what I’d say!

Never go back to your ex, it’s like reading the same book over and over again when you already know how the story ends.

We have all heard this at some point but its only now that I realize how true this actually is. I know a number of people that got back with their exs and are very happy in their lives, however our case has always been a little different. Our similarities are what bought us closer to each other. Before we even realized we had become inseparable. It came to a point where we were so happy in our fairytale that we stopped caring about what people were even saying. We definitely had our ups and a lot of major downs but somehow we kept coming back together. We had very logical reasons as to why we shouldn’t be with each other but for some reason emotions always got the better of us time and again.

You played such an important part in making me what I am today.

We met so young, we barely had any knowledge about the real world. We failed many times but we knew we had each other to pick our pieces when we were down. We were slowly becoming each other’s habit more than each other’s want. The circumstances in which we met were also so irregular. We were alone, in a new place, with not too many people we could trust. Amongst all the chaos we somehow found each other, two people who promised to stick by each other no matter what. We were a magnet of some sort, even after being away for extended periods of time, we were somehow just drawn to each other. I don’t know whether it was love or familiarity that kept bringing us back to each other. When I think about it in perspective, I am really unsure if what we had was circumstantial or was it actually as real as it felt. If we had met in a different setting or an environment maybe, things would have been different. A lot of people had asked me this question, which is what got me thinking about it.

If we got a second chance at love, would I want to make it work with you?

Honestly, I wouldn’t. As harsh as it sounds, for the very first time in life, I am actually taking a step backward and analyzing the big picture. Of course we had differences, but that isn’t the only reason we split up to begin with. We considered a lot of external factors, which were very important to us then and haven’t changed one bit now. In such a situation, we can try and give it ten chances but we are going to go back to square one every single time. I saw you change over a period of time and that really wasn’t the guy I fell in love with to begin with. When I think about it now, I feel like I hardly even knew the new you let alone love that person. Your preferences has changed, priorities and lifestyle had and in between of all this, my place in your life has been forgotten. I am not blaming you at all, all I am saying is we both had a good reason for letting each other go. We need to respect the decision we made and move forward in life. I agree that people mature with time and certain things are workable, but how the core of how a person is will never chance and hence the core reasons why we ended things remain unchanged. A lot of things were said and feelings were hurt. Now we have come to an understanding where we can at least be cordial with each other.

There’s no point bringing the baggage from our past into our present to weight our future down.

The relationship was special, you were important, so much so that it took a long time for healing to get out of it. But now that I have, I don’t intend to look back again. My trust was broken but I have learnt to trust again, my heart was breaking but I am in the process of learning to love again.

I believe in destiny and if we didn’t work with a lot of effort from both sides, it just means we weren’t destined for each other. As cliché as it sounds but there are plenty of fish in the sea and I am hoping for the both of us that we find someone that’s right for us in ways we weren’t for each other. Love is hard to find and harder to sustain. Sometimes I feel like we kept getting back just become it was familiar, it was easy. We had put so much of ourselves into our relationship that it felt like a waste if it didn’t work out. So we tried and tried with the hope that something would fit but it didn’t. The signs were right there, we just didn’t want to see it. You taught me a lot about love and life and I cant thank you enough for it. However your part in my life was only limited until that point. You will always hold a special place in my life as the person who taught me how to love. Don’t ever think that I felt what we had was anything less than extraordinary, but sometimes even the greatest stories have to end for destiny to begin.

Tanzeela Sareea

A simple girl, dreamer and hobbyist writer. Avid reader and writer. Loves to travel and explore new places and cultures. With a dual degree in Psychology and Finance, her main interest lies in relationships and human psychology.

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