Changing Our Perspective On Luck

Luck is something we should all appreciate a little more. By definition, “luck” is “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”

I am passionate about thinking highly of luck because I have had luck on my side since I was born. My mom and I were both given a 5% chance of living due to pregnancy complications. Yet we are both still here, living our lives to the best of our abilities. Some may say that the fact that I am living with a disability is bad luck, but the reality is that my life could be a lot worse. My mom or I (or both of us) could have not survived, could have not lived to see what we have accomplished so far.

The fact that we both survived has allowed us to grow, prosper, and create family memories, which has given us so much to celebrate.

I believe that in life, everyone has stages of good and bad luck. I feel like people often seek luck out, but that’s just the thing: Luck is supposed to be unexpected. Just let life roll on, and take whatever luck comes your way with a grain of salt. After all, luck just is; there’s not much that we can do to control it.

We should be grateful for both our lucky and our unlucky experiences because they teach us valuable lessons about ourselves and those around us. If you experience bad luck, try to change your mindset to see what the unlucky moment taught you. Take your next difficult moment, and pull a lesson from it.

I believe if we change our perspective on luck, our entire lives will be different. Stop viewing luck as either bad or good, and realize that it’s OK that luck can be both. It may take some time to change your view of luck, but once you do, your new perspective will be extremely beneficial to your life.

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