Why We Need To Cherish Things & Not Take Them For Granted

I founded and ran a small group dedicated to helping others for 10 years and it has ended recently I am beyond proud of the work we have been able to accomplish in ten years. It says to me I did the right thing by starting this group.  We couldn’t have lasted as long as we had without the community behind us for all those years. With that being said, as much as I believe the community is grateful for what my group has done within our area, I have felt differently. In recent months leading up to my group ending I had felt like people were taking our work for granted. When people have recently sent me, their messages asking for help, I had to unfortunately turn them away and tell them our group’s work is coming to a close. I would go one step further and provide them with other helpful resources, but I it still felt like there was a slight bit of disappointment from them when we could not help them in their time of need.

In 10 years, we have done 96 projects for many causes but part of me feels like for some people it’s not enough and they take my group for granted rather than cherish it for the lifeline it was for so many. Only time will tell now that the group is over if they really cherished it or took it for granted. I often feel like people don’t cherish people or opportunities given to them because they assume it will always be there in some way or  another Yes, a friend might be  there for you  now but gone later    resources and group’s that help your community  won’t always be there and that is why they need to  cherish these  things  it all should not be taken for granted for what a gift it was and how it was able to benefit many in so many different ways that left people and the world a better place then we found it .

If something is gone it might be gone for good or not, we should cherish it for all the good it did for however long it was around. At the end of the day, their job was simple create change around them and in other people lives if  whatever it may be  in your life does that for you be it a job a friend an opportunity  cherish it for the amazing lifelong lessons it has taught you and share them and cherish and appreciate them and never take  anything  for granted.

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