Who Am I: Recognizing Self Awareness

Who am I?

What are my qualities?

What are my bad qualities? Have I owned up to them???

If anyone that’s reading this is asking themselves these questions right now, allow me to try my best at answering them. So, sit down and let’s talk!

First, let me start by saying I consider myself a very laid back, quiet, calm, funny, chill, and an easy-going person. I’m sure there are many people out there that don’t like me. Do I care???

Heck no!

I have a lot of true friends and family that care about me. That’s all I’ll ever need. I don’t care if others don’t like me. If they turn a blind eye to me or shun me away over things that are childish and dumb-then that’s their problem, not mine.

Another thing. I’m not a drama queen.

Recently, I had a nasty situation happen that was not called for and like I said earlier, was childish and dumb. In fact, it was WAY beyond childish and dumb, I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it. I was bullied for using someone’s so-called “tagline” while making a video for a page I run with a few other people. Mind you, I didn’t use the line inappropriately by any means, I only used it as a tool to keep my anxiety under control while talking.  I tried to explain that to the person who was bullying me over it. But, she didn’t care enough to respond.

Now, is that a true example of dumb and childish or what?

I think so. I must say when these things happen, you truly find out who your true friends are. I surely have found that out these past few days!

In my head and heart, I’m trying to tell myself that this is all just drama and none of this is my fault. The pain will hurt especially since I gave this person all my time and energy, but I know I just must let it be and move on.

Some of the qualities I possess: well, one thing for sure- I’m always there for my friends whenever they need it no matter what. If one of my friends needs me. I don’t care if I’m sleeping, angry with them or what I’m going through, they just call me, and I’ll stay by their side.

Another good one, I can get along with almost anyone I meet. Are their bad people in this world? Sure. But, I’m happy to say I have been able to get along with almost everyone I’ve met. And for some, I know it’s not easy but, if I can do it- I know that someway somehow you can too. The last one-I always have inspiring and loving words to say to everyone If one of my friends gets a new writing chance, an award or recognized for something- instead of being jealous of them, I’ll comment things like “Good job” “So proud of you.” Or “You deserve it.” And a lot of us know it’s a huge quality a lot of people don’t have. Yes, it’s unfortunate. And yes, it’s sad.


Any bad qualities- Ehhh not really except for maybe one. I’m stubborn and don’t like to ask everyone for help unless I really have to-Because of my condition, I rely on a lot of people to help me with certain things- I try to do those things on my own for independence, but sometimes a task is so hard, I need to ask someone else to help me. I wait sometimes till I get frustrated and start to get upset to admit I need help. I need to learn that no matter what age I am and no matter how independent I become- I’m always gonna need help with things……Period. so, to sum this up, I need to learn the saying,” It’s ok to ask for help.” I’m learning to own up to this bad quality about myself and will continue to work on it!


So, with all and explained, I hope you all take something good out of reading this. And for the people who haven’t yet or are still working to find self-awareness, I want you to know you can and you will. Don’t rush it. It’s going to take time. And if you feel like your failing to do so, get up and try again. You can do this, you’ve got this and hang in there!


Juliana Ruggiero

Juliana is 18 and fresh out of High school. She graduated with High honors. Writing is something she really enjoys doing and everyone that knows her tells her she has a gift for it. Juliana is a hopeless Italian food addict, loves meeting new people and making new friends. She is very laid back and easy going. Juliana is here to inspire everyone and give it her all. She doesn't have a bad bone in her body. Her career began in July of 2016 after reaching out and offering to be interviewed for The Abler Blog. Since that interview, after seeing all the positive feedback she was getting from everyone, it pushed her to do more with her writing! Pushing herself to do more has lead Juliana to some of the most kind and supportive people she could ask for! She is grateful that she took that "leap of faith."

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