What’s on your list?

Don’t think bucket list….think tomorrow’s list.

We always hear about everyone’s “Bucket List” of these huge life changes that occur later in life or maybe even never. We are brainwashed into thinking that our lists need to be life-altering decisions that can only be accomplished when we retire, hit the lottery or have no family responsibilities.

We need to stop having these “one day” lists and think to ourselves: What can I do tomorrow (in one day) to help myself be a happier person or live a more fulfilled life?

This topic has been very top-of-mind for me this week, as a co-worker of mine recently decided to cross something off his list. He decided to move to Europe, learn a 2nd language and start his own online business. Yeah, I know! How awesome is that!

OK – I’ll admit, his list items sounded more like a bucket list items. But he inspired me to write my own list and start crossing things off. My list may not include cross-continent moves or quitting my day job, but it made me think more about how I wanted to live my life day to day.

My list includes small things such as:

  • Finding my own voice (aka writing this post!)
  • Helping others and thus help me give purpose to my life
  • Finding joy in every single day
  • Owning a B&B one day (OK, this is more of a bucket list thing!)

Don’t wait. Tomorrow’s not promised. There are no excuses. Why not now? Don’t let them or YOU tell yourself that you can’t. What’s the worst that can happen? Do it. Don’t think. Just do it.

Sit down and write your own list. Share it with others or keep it for yourself. No matter what you choose to do with it, use it as a reminder of your true self and your deepest desires, whether big or small.

A week ago today, I would never think that I would take the leap to write a post that other people would read and possible be inspired by. It feels amazing and it’s all because of my list. It only takes one day to make a difference. No bucket required.

So…..What’s on your list?

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