The Best Friendships Come By Accident

Sometimes the best types of friendships come by accident.

In my life, I have lost so many firndships due to drama and life, I honestly can’t count on my fingers how many I’ve  lost throughout my life. The longest friendship I had with a friend was probably 7 years this person and I  ended up going our separate ways though.

I have been hurt, used walked on, and had the feeling like I’m not  wanted by so many people who I thought were my friends. You guys, you don’t even wanna know what that feeling feels like. Someone stabbing you in the back and heart with a knife,someone sucking the life , energy and self esstem right out of you after everything you gave them, that’s what it feels like.

The most recent one blew up in my face a week or so after I left high school. I thought it was going to be an easy, gebtle, anxiety free ending. It turns out, this mother showed her true colors after I kept denining her daughter the chance to come over on the weekends because of family issues. It was the most disgusting, nasty hurtful ending to a friendship I have ever witnessed ib my life. I have never felt so hurt and dirty- I couldn’t bealive I didn’t look for the red flags and let this girl and her mother walk on me the way they did. I had another friend of mine staying with me for a few days at the time she sat next to me and watched the whole thing go down.

In fact, I was so upset and angry, I went into a restruant bathroom with her t I can behind me and simmered down for 20 minutes, I really felt bad my friend had to see that.

The night after, I put my walls and gaurds up inside me. I kept telling myself I’m never going to trust a friendship I make online again- cause the way this one ended 24 hours before was just nasty, and I couldn’t make myself go through the pain and hurt one more time or anytime for that matter.

Sometimes though, the best friendships can happen in the most unexpected places at the most surprising times.

All I wanted was that one friend who I can be dumb and stupid around, who would laugh at my jokes. Someone I could just completely be myself around without a single bit of judgement. That’ all I was looking to find in a true friend. I thought I was never going to find that person at all to be honest.

Thanks to Facebook though, I did.  And it’s honestly the best most warm feeling you could get when you finally find that friend.

So, thank you to my previous friendship for sending the message that I desserved so much better in a friend by walking, using and hurting me. I wish it didn’t end the way it did, but it taught me a lesson and led me to a real true friend.

The best friendships come by acceident, at the most surprising times. Keep these types of friends close. They are extremely hard to find in the world we live in.

Juliana Ruggiero

Juliana is 18 and fresh out of High school. She graduated with High honors. Writing is something she really enjoys doing and everyone that knows her tells her she has a gift for it. Juliana is a hopeless Italian food addict, loves meeting new people and making new friends. She is very laid back and easy going. Juliana is here to inspire everyone and give it her all. She doesn't have a bad bone in her body. Her career began in July of 2016 after reaching out and offering to be interviewed for The Abler Blog. Since that interview, after seeing all the positive feedback she was getting from everyone, it pushed her to do more with her writing! Pushing herself to do more has lead Juliana to some of the most kind and supportive people she could ask for! She is grateful that she took that "leap of faith."

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