For the health of it

Too busy, too tired, or too invested in other people’s lives. Today it seems harder than ever to take care of yourself. Amiright?

I often find myself working with people who have every reason memorized as to why they can’t take care of themselves. I get it, it’s easy to slack off on Monday, after a long weekend of studying, working two jobs, partying with friends, whatever it may be. However, slacking off on your health can become a habit pret-ty quickly. The couch starts to look more desirable than the gym, the ice cream sundae looks more palatable than the bowl of vegetables, but I ask you to ask yourselves “Why?”. Why do you let yourself slack when it comes to YOUR health? Why do you let other events/people/things come before YOUR health? And then, ask yourself “How?”. How do you feel when you reach for the remote over your running shoes? How does it feel when you please everyone else before pleasing yourself? How does it feel when you eat like shit for days and then try to concentrate at school or work?

Try this exercise: Visualize your health as a bank account with credits and debits that must be balanced at the end of each day. Think about some investments and withdrawals that you have made to your health bank account recently. Grab a pen and paper and make a statement chart of your “transactions” for one, whole, day this week.

Consider the following questions:
Is your health account’s balance positive or negative?
If you have a positive balance, which investments do you make regularly?
Do certain investments hold more value for you than others?
If you have a negative balance, which investments can you make in yourself today?

Taking care of yourself is hard. But I promise you, if you don’t put yourself first, and take care of yourself before everything else, you won’t be around to worry about taking care of everything else.

Monique Hayes

Monique Hayes is an intuitive health coach, Reiki Master, bakeologist, and educator. After completing her MPH, she quit the corporate health world to pursue her own mission of helping people heal from the inside out. She loves working with people, helping them transform into the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. Healthy, delicious food, connecting with nature, understanding the wants and needs of your body, and being authentically you in an inauthentic world are extremely important to her.

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