Fly On The Wings of Your Own Reflections

Reflecting back upon something has always been difficult for me, especially once I graduated high school. It was during this time in my life that reflecting turned into dwelling. I truly believe that became a big obstacle for me while I was trying to figure out how to navigate the real world as a young adult with a physical disability where the real world would rather dismiss you than accept you. If I were being completely honest with you, I haven’t really understood the point of reflection until I began my advocacy work almost two years ago.

Maybe that was part of my problem when I was eighteen because my life path and my life’s work had yet to align with one another. I guess there is more to that saying, “timing is everything” than I once thought. I know there is a time, reason, and place for your passion and purpose to align with its chosen stars. That then invites reflection to come in and show you why things where the way they were back then.

Reflection has taught me that challenges, obstacles, adversity of all shapes and sizes helps you to look at both directions. The direction of where you used to be; and the direction of where you’re supposed to go. Past reflection no longer brings pain for me. The ache and memory will always be there, I just make sure that I don’t stay behind with the past.

I know I have outgrown many places in which I would have dwelled on instead of reflecting upon and then quietly moved on. When you aren’t reflecting, and not moving on, you’re dwelling and hindering your own personal and spiritual growth by staying in the same place; unable to change things that have already happened, making the conscious choice not to grow outside the box you have chosen to box yourself in. That is what perfection looks like. The ability to morph into your own skin of comfortable awareness, while still embracing change and taking a hold of every opportunity that comes your way.

So reflect and turn that personal reflection into wings for yourself. Fly on the wings of your own reflections and never be too sacred to soar past them.


Jessica Niziolek

Jessica is the founder of and writes for The Abler - a blog that deals with topics with far too much stigma, and not enough education or knowledge. She is an advocate for the disability community. Jessica is also a contributing writer for MEDIUM.COM. Lastly, she is a coffee and chocolate junkie who loves heavy metal and rock music.

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