Don’t Be Afraid To Feel

Long ago, someone told you that the best way to walk through life was to remain cool and collected and never share how you truly feel. You learned to bury your emotions so deep inside that they would never, ever escape. But, I’m here to tell you now that it’s not only unhealthy to do so, but it’s robbing you of validation and inner peace.

So, my love, I’m here to tell you: Don’t be afraid to feel.

Don’t be afraid to feel love as it engulfs your heart. The blunders of the past tell you that the flutter you feel inside your chest is merely a recipe for disaster. However, you can’t deny the uninhibited joy you feel when that special someone calls you just to check in or the way your stomach fills with butterflies when they smile at you. Although you worry that eventually your heart may shatter, don’t let your fear prevent you from experiencing the pure exhilaration of sweet, joyful love.

Don’t be afraid to feel sadness as it drips from your eyes. Your mother’s warnings to buck up echo deep inside your mind. Unfortunately, sticks and stones do break our bones and words really do hurt us. Whether your boss treated you unfairly or your best friend just lashed out in anger, you have every right to break. The pain you feel is valid, and those tears streaming down your face are perfectly alright. Allow yourself that moment to dip into that sorrow and process the heartache that’s brewing inside of you.

Don’t be afraid to feel happiness as it urges your legs to dance. You feel afraid to spread your wings and jump for joy because you worry that this bliss is only temporary. You fear that it will soon give way to darkness and despair. However, you can’t deny that in this moment, the sun is shining down on you in the most radiant way. Don’t let anxiety convince you that you shouldn’t celebrate. Relish in your successes! Shout tidings of joy from the rooftop, and let your body do that happy dance.

Don’t be afraid to feel anger as it flushes your face. Society convinces us that we are never allowed to express discontentment with the world, but the reality is that we most definitely can. Nobody can smile through every moment, nor should anyone even try to. Whether someone’s disregard for your feelings enrages you or you’re up in arms about social injustice, your feelings are valid. That flame of aggression that’s currently flowing through your body needs an outlet, and it needs you to release it now.

No matter what the world throws your way, don’t be afraid to feel.

Forget those old ways of burying emotions and never letting your true colors show. It’s time to start expressing yourself and stop hiding your feelings. Don’t be afraid to feel, my love. Don’t be afraid to live.

Megan Glosson

Megan Glosson is a freelance writer from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. You can learn more about Megan by visiting

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