Appreciate The Small and Beautiful Things

Some people are not morning people and the idea of getting up super early to start the day is daunting. Some parents immediately have to hit the ground running and start working to ensure the kids get out of the door in a timely fashion. However, if we reframed our thinking and embraced each morning as a new chance to grow as a person and to re-do any mistakes that we may have made the days prior, it may help us to deal with the angst of the morning. Embrace each day as an opportunity for growth. A fresh start. Another day to be thankful for. Another day you were granted that is how I personally look at it as a chance for a new day of personal growth.

A lot of people probably dread the mornings because they have found themselves trapped in the same routine and that can carry a sense of mundaneness. Instead of viewing it as a day of just the same old song and dance, one can incorporate small changes to their day to make it new and refreshing. They can start by sending a quick encouraging text to someone or start by listening to an inspirational meditation or podcast while going through their morning routine. They can view the new day as a new opportunity to help make the world a better place. If people change the viewpoint they have towards new days, it can help generate a larger sense of optimism overall.

To reframe thinking takes practice. It takes practice by the individual themselves as well as their surrounding support system. It may take a while for everyone to notice the benefits but once they do, it will be a refreshing change of perspective. One can use this opportunity to show the world what they’re made of and the life lessons you have carried from your experiences and past mistakes. Embrace life for the gift it really is, and it may just give you gifts back, and you might be surprised with what happens once you start view early morning dawn as a gift and not as something you dread every day I think if everyone did  this they would see it as something good and be excited to start a day of personal growth and be thankful for the smallest thing like dawn because  we get to experience another day of this life that we have.

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