Why Social Media Has Been My Biggest Blessing

Social media. It can be both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it can occasionally incite some ridiculous drama, but for me, it is a blessing. It is my social lifeline. It is how I keep in touch with the outside world.

I have also met some of the greatest people online, and they have become some of my best friends. In fact, you’re in for a good story within this article. It is one filled with happiness and says something special about the durability of long-distance relationships and friendships. 

Music is a humongous part of my life and has affected me very positively.  One of my favorite things to do is talk to people who love my favorite band as much as me to see if we can also connect on a more personal level. One fateful day, I happened to connect with someone named Erin, who lives in California. One of my former friends told me to friend her on Facebook because she saw her profile picture was taken with Jason Wade, my personal hero and a Lifehouse musician. I heeded her advice, and we connected almost instantly.  As months became years, we became more and more connected. Our souls felt identical. We both dreamt of her coming to visit me and attending a Lifehouse show together.  

Fast-forward three years, and our lofty dream became a reality. We had decided that Valentine’s Day would be the perfect day for Erin to fly into Louisiana and spend time with me. Since we are both single, we renamed the day “Soul Sisters Day” to fit our friendship. 

This trip was what dreams were made of. As I had expected, we spoke to one another like we had met one hundred times before, and our conversations were effortless and smooth. Each night, we stayed up longer than we should have hanging out and laughing, just like good friends should do.  

The night was saw Lifehouse together was the most magical of all. The band absolutely smashed their performance, and they played a lot of old songs which touched us both.  In fact, we both ended up shedding a pretty significant number of healing tears. Watching Lifehouse perform live with my soul sister by my side was one of the most spiritual experiences I had ever had at a concert, and I had seen Lifehouse ten times previously. We also got to hang out with some of the band members at the bar after the show, which was super cool.   

That night was one of the best of my life, and needless to say, by the time this trip wrapped up, we were both very sad that Erin had to go back home. The first couple of weeks after my friend left, it felt like torture knowing that our states are thousands of miles apart. However, I’ve found comfort in the fact that my online soul sister will be returning this summer. I will be damned if online friendships aren’t worth the time and patience! 

Karla Culbertson

Karla is a 33 year old independent writer. She is wheelchair dependent due to Cerebral Palsy, chronic pain, and hip dysplasia, but she does not let that stop her from enjoying life. It is Karla's goal in life to inspire and uplift others. She loves writing positive blog posts that may have the potential of inspiring others and bettering their lives.

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