The Importance of Personal Freedom

Too often these days we miss using the freedom of our voice because it’s more important to us to be the loudest voice in the crowd, rather a voice with an important message that needs to be heard, shared, and put into practice whenever possible. That message is one of not just inclusion, but one of unity, togetherness. The freedoms we have to use to our advantage to make this a better world for everyone to live are being greatly missed and dismissed by excuses like “I just don’t have to time to do that, or why would I want to get involved? “That’s none of my business anyway.”

That’s where almost everyone gets it wrong. My civil rights are your civil rights; my fight is your fight and vice versa. Unity has to be more than just marches, hashtags, or wearing the same color shirt as your fellow advocate. It has to be about TAKING ACTION. Productive, positive action that leads to acceptance and growth. In return that growth can have the potential to turn into a movement that could grow past being ignored or dismissed by someone ever again. There is a tremendous power in one’s own voice. The world needs to hear from us, but without the animosity, anger, or hurt. We can not and should not accept the “for show stance” as adequate any longer. My civil rights are not and should not be seen as privileges by those who share the same desires and wants as myself. You can stop acknowledging my existence as nothing more as a nuisance. No one should be seen or be made to feel like that. If we would only use our voices speak with dignity, compassion, kindness, and put down the shields of ego and ignorance, can you imagine the things we could accomplish by working together taking action together as a unified front?

That’s why I make it a point to use my voice to bring about awareness to those who need to be made aware that they are not alone, and that their voice; their message is just as important as the next person with a “cause”. We need to start coming together and working toward a positive cause and effect to make this world a little bit better for our future generations. And to remind them to never underestimate the simple but powerful freedom their voices give them. It is my personal mission to remind people, including those in the various disability communities to ALWAYS FIGHT FOR THEIR PERSONAL FREEDOMS. Our personal needs are also our civil needs, and those needs are the civil rights that we do indeed share with everyone else in the world contrary to popular belief.

We’re all one; we’re all human beings no one should be separated from the human race based on class or circumstance that occurs out of their control. Personal freedoms should not be seen as a punishment but those who would rather assume rather than understand where their fellow neighbor or citizen is coming from. No one should have the power to take away anyone’s personal freedoms. Especially, not under the assumption that their life has greater value than that of my own life. So if nothing else, I ask that if you insist on making such drastic assumptions, that you do it with a little compassion and careful thought.

And I’ll be over here using the personal freedom my voice gives to continue to fight for my civil rights with a little mix of sass and class. Championing for my civil rights to be seen as just that using the simple yet, powerful freedom my voice gives me to do nothing less than living a life full of meaning and purpose.

Jessica Niziolek

Jessica is the founder of and writes for The Abler - a blog that deals with topics with far too much stigma, and not enough education or knowledge. She is an advocate for the disability community. Jessica is also a contributing writer for MEDIUM.COM. Lastly, she is a coffee and chocolate junkie who loves heavy metal and rock music.

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