Thank You For Making Me Better

The people I have to thank for making me better are my best friends, who I call my chosen family. These four people walked into different stages of my life and helped me understand myself. All four of these individuals have contributed to my personal growth. They’ve helped me gain a healthier perspective on life and helped me increase my self-worth and self-esteem. They have called me out out of care to show me how I can learn from my mistakes and improve. Not only have these people made me better, but our relationships also have grown over time, and I know that they will only get stronger as the years go by.

A couple years ago, I was just getting to know someone who would become one of my best friends and part of my chosen family. I would talk to him every day. He was be my go-to person for venting out my stress and was also the first person I would share any exciting news with.

One day, he asked if we could talk about something else. He then said that my constant venting drained him. At first, I felt awful because I didn’t want to have a negative impact on my good friend and our friendship. In hindsight, I realized that this friend helped me learn healthy boundaries in friendships and how my actions could impact my relationships.

I now know that I don’t have to talk to someone every day to be close to them. I can give my friends space and talk to a variety of friends about my problems instead of piling it all on just one person. Previously, a conversation like the one I had with my friend would not have happened at all. I’m glad that my friend helped me learn why some of my friendships came to an end. though. The conversation my friend and I shared took our friendship to the next level and changed my perspective on myself.

I truly believe that if my closest friends hadn’t come into my life, I may have never learned important truths about myself and may not have seen the things that I needed to work on.  I may have never reflected on my inner workings and morals. If it weren’t for my friends’ constant support in my successes and failures, I would not be as far along  I currently am in life.

To my chosen family: Thank you for being there. I love you all. Thank you for making me better in every way.

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