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Stepping Away from something I have Created for the Past Ten Years

I have created change for almost ten years now with a group I founded. We focused on issues within the community and did various fundraisers and food drives. I truly can pride myself in saying I made a positive impact on the community. Recently, I have decided that this will be the last year  of the group and I am hoping that the community will continue the work we started with helping others when needed.

The decision to end our group was mutually made between myself and my co-leaders. We naturally felt like our time had come to a close this chapter. We felt it was best to do it when it felt natural rather than continue to do it when all of us really had no interest nor had the  passion for it anymore .

When I have told people we were going to end the group, often people could not grasp the concept behind why. Others have expressed sadness for it coming to a close. This allowed me an opportunity to hear and see people’s reactions’ that group is ending and the impact we truly had. Although we are saying our goodbyes, I continue to encourage people to embrace other causes they are passionate about.

What I have found is that sometimes people are scared by the idea of taking on a cause. They feel the cause is too large and their individual efforts won’t make a dent. I want to challenge people to realize that if my small group can change lives anyone can truly make a difference in someone’s life . We can change the world one person at a time. To put it simply: If people have time to go on social media or wait in line for a Popeye’s chicken sandwich, they have time to make a difference.

Deciding to end this group has been one of the toughest decisions I have had to make thus far in my life. I need people and my community to understand I did this for me and for my mental health. Seeing people who are dealing with extreme hardships that none of us could ever imagine year after year takes a toll on me and all us involved in the group. Realistically, I believe it would take a toll on anyone.

When I started this group, I had no clue the reach and overall impact we would have on the community I honestly believe that this group and its mission can be self-sustainable. If the community still wants it around, we will see what happens if my community is up for the task of continuing  the change I have created.

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