Pencil Yourself Into Your Routine

Routines. What automatically comes to your mind when you think about that word? What does that word mean to you? For me, growing up routines were and still are essential to my daily life. Having a physical as a disability as complex and ever-changing as spastic hemiplegia cerebral palsy is. And staying on top of all those things associated with it were always absolutely vital. But now that I am older those routines have gone from structured flexible and adjustable. I’ve always seen routines as a daily plan that gets tweaked and adjusted throughout the day.

I honestly believe that having an adjustable routine is key because life should never be seen as rigid but instead, more fluid and movable. Why? Because we should never live a life that way. Routines are meant to keep order, but not keep you from living. Why not make a routine to put yourself first? So often we get lost in the hectic business of life that it is very easy to forget about yourself and your needs.

If you have a routine for your daily life, a routine for your health, a routine for your workday why not have a routine that just reminds you every once awhile that you need to put yourself first. We live in such a fast pace, instantly time that it happens quite a lot. Penciling yourself in for a spa day, or to get your hair and nails done just to treat yourself. Self-care routines are just as important has it keeping track of all your daily checks and balance to help you keep your life in order, and a roof over your head.

No calendar or checklist is worth your health or sanity. So before you start making them stop and take 10 minutes just for you. Meditate, sip on a cup of coffee, journal. Do whatever you need to put you at the top of the list. Taking care of yourself needs to be a must with anyone’s routine. Think of like when you go to service your car, you do that because you need to make sure your car is still running properly and remains reliable for you.

So when it comes to yourself make to make sure you’re running at your best listen to yourself. Your gut is never wrong. If you aren’t feeling like yourself, and you know you’re going to need an extra helping hand ask for it. Don’t fear to ask for help. Putting aside some time for yourself and ask for help are not crimes against humanity. Not doing things, however, is in my opinion. In the end, the only one you truly let down or disappoint is yourself. So please, remember to pencil yourself into your routine.

Jessica Niziolek

Jessica is the founder of and writes for The Abler - a blog that deals with topics with far too much stigma, and not enough education or knowledge. She is an advocate for the disability community. Jessica is also a contributing writer for MEDIUM.COM. Lastly, she is a coffee and chocolate junkie who loves heavy metal and rock music.

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