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Meet the PW Team

These lovely ladies volunteer their time behind-the-scenes to take Project Wednesday to the next level week-by-week!

Olivia DelVecchio

Olivia DelVecchio is the Graphics Manager for Project Wednesday, which entails creating quote graphics for Project Wednesday’s Facebook and Instagram.

She is also a writing contributor for Project Wednesday and enjoys writing about ways to help readers become the best versions of themselves, tips on life, and personal life experiences because she believes it helps others know they aren’t alone in this world when going through hard times.

Olivia has her bachelors degree in Human Development and Family Studies, with a minor in Psychology from Penn State. She is currently enrolled in graduate school at Marywood University where she is studying Social Work. Her dream job is to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and be able to work with active military members, veterans, and their families.

Aside from writing for Project Wednesday, and pulling all-nighters at the library, Olivia is an avid traveler who loves to cross adventures off her bucket list, and does not believe that life is meant to live in one place. However, what she enjoys most in life is spending time with her boyfriend and dog, with a glass of wine in hand.

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @oliviadel

Kelly Douglas

Kelly Douglas is Project Wednesday’s Community Connection Coordinator.  As Community Connection Coordinator, she works directly with Project Wednesday’s writers to help bring their words to life, and she also helps foster a spirit of inclusivity within the Project Wednesday community.

Additionally, Kelly is a contributing writer for Project Wednesday, and much of her work focuses on mental health, disability, self-love, personal growth, empowerment, and vulnerability.  She strives to help empower others to embrace their life circumstances and turn their adversity into opportunity.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, and she hopes to make a difference in the world, no matter how small.  As an aspiring attorney and a self-described “Brunette Elle Woods,” Kelly believes that standing up for our beliefs, speaking out in the face of injustice, and spreading a little sparkle wherever we go will ultimately make the world a better (and significantly more fabulous) place.

Kelly is also a content editor for Unwritten, a digital millennial lifestyle magazine, where she writes about self-discovery, learning to “adult,” and navigating life as an ambitious twentysomething woman.  She edits on a wide variety of topics; from milkshakes to heartbreaks, from Britney Spears to Meghan Markle. She is a proud Gen-Yer who loves rose gold, is “meh” about succulents, and (shockingly) despises avocado toast.

When she’s not writing or editing, Kelly can be found advocating for mental health and disability awareness, expounding on the never-ending benefits of the Oxford comma, singing along to 80s pop and Taylor Swift, or cuddling with her adorable cat, Violet.  You can follow her on Instagram @kellychristine333 and on Twitter @kellywrites333

Emily Veith

Emily Veith is the Social Media Manager for Project Wednesday. In addition, Emily helps create the Project Wednesday monthly writing prompt, where our contributors share stories and experiences about specific positive human development themes and topics.

She is also a writing contributor at Project Wednesday, and often writes about breaking the mental health stigma, self-love, growth, positive mindset, and just living life to the fullest in general.

Emily has her bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and has always believed in helping and serving others. Her Grandpa Henry taught her the importance of giving back to others, and to always give a hand up. She wants to make the world a better place, and aspires to be a politician someday to do just that.

Emily also works on the staff at Her Campus as a Nights & Weekends Editor, and writes about politics (specifically about the White House and Congress) and both national and international news. She also occasionally dabbles in entertainment news. (She is obsessed with the royals after all!)

She is an old soul who loves Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Glenn Miller. When she isn’t writing about imperative news- and political-related topics, she can be found attempting new recipes, playing her guitar, or reading a good mystery book. She lives in the Central Valley in California with her four dogs, who are like her children. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @emilycveith