I HATE going on vacation

Dear Puzzle Pieces,

I don’t know about you but I hate going on vacation.  Let me rephrase that and be a little more specific; I HATE knowing I get to go on vacation because everything that typically has to be done before I leave on vacation.  This year I have about 6 experiments and another draft of a HUGE presentation planned to do before I go “off-the-grid.”  I have to make sure all safety considerations are followed; chemicals and supplies ordered that I could need when I get back, check with any collaborators to make sure we are on the same page, and make sure I have a plan on what I am doing when I get back. Then on top of this I have to do laundry, clean the apartment, kennel the dog, pack my bag, drive there in awful traffic, it NEVER ends…

Believe it or not I just spent 143 words looking at all the problems and I am bummed out, and it snowballed way out of control, in a BAD way.  143 words were all it takes to change something that would be a relaxing time that should be used to recharge my batteries into something that sounds awful and unenjoyable.  That is all it takes to make something fun seem burdensome.

I want you to think: How often you do this every day?  Plan on a lunch outing, and completely focus and become miserable about the traffic getting into work?  Complain about seeing family because you have other things to do that you may deem more important in that quick second?  Now imagine this: you focus on the GOOD.  Forget the traffic on the way to work, and think about what awesome food you are going to order with your friend that you haven’t seen in a while.  Making memories with your family and drinking in those moments, because things can change in an instant.

So instead of focusing on everything that has to be done before vacation I am actually looking forward to going to the beach and sinking in the sand, playing can-jam and getting slightly overly competitive with family, flying kites outside the hotel and probably crashing them into the sand, and more importantly making great memories with great people.  I don’t know about you but my mood completely switched from that first paragraph to this one.  I CAN NOT wait for vacation and I hope you have seen how important changing your perspective is to having a better attitude.

I challenge you to stop one negative snowball of thoughts a day for the next week, and see how you feel…I have a feeling you may be less stressed and enjoy those small victories or positive moments during your day a little more.

Atoms, Erlenmeyers and Love,


Taryn Anthony

Taryn is a 27 year-old Physical Chemistry PhD. Candidate at Temple University. She loves watching and playing sports, advocating and educating people about Crohn's disease (Crohnie for life since 2008), hanging out with her family and friends, and most importantly talking to new people about anything and everything! Her attitude about how to look forward and stay positive was really fostered at the University of Scranton, where she actually met HKP. Taryn absolutely believes a strong community can help you through anything.


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