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10 Ways to Rock College and Not Strangle Your Roommate

  1. AT the beginning of the semester or quarter make a daily schedule. List all exam dates, project due dates, and divide your reading assignments into sections so that you don’t have to cram a project into a week and studying for exams into two days. Add in time to sleep, exercise, relax, have fun, and oh yes, eat something.
  2. LESS is more when living dorm life. The more stuff you have the more will need to be cleaned and moved out at the end of spring semester. NuWave ovens, George Forman grills with removable grill plates, disposable storage containers, unbreakable plates and glasses are a great place to start.
  3. READ or familiarize yourself with the readings before class. I know this eams foolish given the professor will most likely go over the material again, but you will be able to participate in discussions and get things explained if you need further understanding.
  4. DO buy cleaning supplies. Dorms are dirty places, and not all residents will clean as well as you do, so be prepared.
  5. USE voice recognition software, unless you can type 300 words a minute, you speak faster than you type. This really can be a time saver when writing papers, notes, and assignments. It works.
  6. DO bring a first aid kit. Stock it with Band-Aids, antiseptic, cough syrups, allergy meds, and other health related precautions.
  7. VISIT your professors during office hours. They can help you clarify your career and academic goals. More importantly, if they know you personally, they would be more likely to help you out if you need special considerations after your hard drive crashes or your (boy) girlfriend dumps you for a person of lessor quality.
  8. TRY to get to know and do things with your roommates. I was an older student when I moved into student housing so it was rough, but the times I had things in common it was easier to live with other people.
  9. ADVERSITY and obstacles will occur. You will eventually get tired, run out of money, you will get stressed out, depressed, or anxious. That is completely OK. Know that people are available to help you. There are usually services to help you learn how to read, study, and learn more effectively. There are often student health and psychological services available, so if you need then use them.  All services are paid through your tuition, and are of little or no cost to you. Most of all, never give up until you succeed.
  10. DO the dishes and clean your room. There is nothing worse than being hungry for something and finding all your dishes dirty in the sink. This may make the ants and other vermin happy, but your roommates will get cranky.

The rest is quite simple.  If you can withstand the grind you can be successful. Don’t be concerned with what others are doing, run your race, and you’ll do well.  To be successful in college you have to go to college.  So, put in the time, and do the work. Most of all, don’t stop until you get what you want out of life.

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